Can acidic water cause health problems?

Can acidic water cause health problems?

Acidic water can cause health problems, Health is the prime right of every individual, whether rich or poor, short or tall, young or old. Water is a prime concern for staying healthy and hydrated. What makes water healthy and suitable for drinking? pH may be an answer. pH of water affects its nutritional and health values to an extreme level. Acidic water or alkaline water, both types are available in Indian markets. But to choose health, we need to switch to alkaline water. Health drawbacks of using acidic water make it a bad choice.

Health impacts of Alkaline and acidic water

Bone health

Acidic water – It leads to bone resorption, elevating the factors leading to weak bones and osteoporosis.

Alkaline water- Indeed, it helps in calcium retention and avoids the chances of bone-related disorders.


Acidic water- Elevated risks of cardiovascular heart diseases due to blood vessel constriction and low oxygen carrying capacity to heart.

Alkaline water- Lowers the risk of coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders.


Acidic water- Increase free radical formation leading to more cancerous mutations

Alkaline water- It provides a better environment for chemotherapies to work. In addition to, it discourages the occurrence of inflammatory processes, the main cause of cancers.

Body weight

Acidic water- a High acidic environment in the body, amplifies fat production in the body to neutralize acid because of which body gains extra pounds.

Alkaline water- It decreases the fat accumulation and promotion of aging factor also less with alkaline water

Digestive framework

Acidic water- Acidic water elevates the conditions like acid reflux, which leads to accumulation of gastric acid causing pain, inflammation due to disruption of mucus lining.

Alkaline water- Most noteworthy, alkaline water act as a buffer in case of acid reflux. It neutralizes the excess of acid in the stomach, relieving the symptoms of heartburn and pain.

Overall performance

Acidic water- Acidic water may cause chronic fatigue and lowers down the energy to perform well.

Alkaline water- Alkaline water has excellent buffering capacity. In addition, it decreases cardiovascular and respiratory stresses improving the overall performance of our body.

Bacterial load

Acidic water- Consumption of acidic water May enhance the bacterial load by providing an appropriate environment for bacterial growth

Alkaline water- It discourages the bacterial growth and shows health-promoting actions.

Is your water acidic or alkaline?

Alkaline water is obtained naturally from underground resources, like wells and springs, which contains naturally added minerals in it. The natural balance of these minerals and contents present in natural mineral water make it alkaline.  In contrast to it, the plain water which undergoes treatments and processes like distillation may cause a decrease in pH due to the removal of all the essential elements along with impurities.

Alkaline water is beneficial for health as it contains mineral which is easily absorbable in comparison to that of food and nutrient supplements. Presence of minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfates, chloride makes it a magical solvent which can cure many health-related problems and provide a healthy framework. Opposite to it, acidic water may help you in staying hydrated but will do no good for your health.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

  1. Alkaline water helps you in balancing the body pH, which is necessary to maintain health.
  2. It helps in removal of toxins and prevents accumulation of wastes and toxic substances in the body.
  3. Alkaline water is also a fat burner which helps to maintain body weight and lose unnecessary fats.
  4. It helps to prevent various disastrous diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular irregularities, cancer formations etc.
  5. Alkaline water helps in elevating the functioning of the immune system.
  6. It is a wonderful antioxidant which helps removal of free radicals and decreases oxidative stress.
  7. Alkaline water helps you in staying hydrated in addition to its health benefits.
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