Water is an essential component of life and we need it to live healthily. Proper storage of water was a great concern in past but now, the costly treatment plants are installed in every second house. But why do our grandparents still insist to drink water from copper vessel.  The scientific facts behind the task are clear now. Many studies have proved the importance of using copper vessels for drinking water.

It helps in shedding down the extra fat.

Water from copper vessel helps in regulation of food and proper working of the digestive system. Along with the proper digestion, it helps in the proper breakdown of fat and elimination of the same. The elimination of extra fats from the body promotes the shedding of extra fats out of a body and maintains the body weight.

Promotes healing

Collagen plays important role in healing. Copper helps in promoting the collagen formation hereby possesses good healing properties. Therefore, drinking water from the copper vessel can help in Copper peptides are well known for their proper of enhancing collagen production. Because of this reason, it works as an excellent healer. Therefore drinking water from copper pots can help to heal your wounds fast.

Enhances digestion

Copper helps in relieving the problems of abnormal digestion and enhances the proper functioning of the digestive system. It promotes the liver and kidney functions as well. Furthermore, it helps in proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes properly hereby enhancing digestion by leeching minerals from vessels into the water.

Kills bacteria

Copper has the potential to kill bacteria’s effectively and prevent many bacterial infections incidents from occurring. It has proved potential against the bacteria causing diarrhea, such as Vibrio cholerae, enteropathogenic E. coli, Salmonella. It is also beneficial against many other disease-causing bacteria such as S. flexneri and Salmonella Paratyphi.

Delays aging

Copper has enough quantity of anti-oxidants present. The presence of these anti-oxidants helps in preventing the aging signs of skin. In addition, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and age lines. Antioxidants potential of copper is a good remedy for eliminating the dead skin cells and enhances the formation of new cells.

Provides health to your heart

Copper helps in maintaining the blood circulation by maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body. Deficiency of copper can lead to health conditions like hypertrophy of the heart, degrading the elasticity of arteries, smooth muscles degeneration, and artery aneurysm. So, copper is healthy for the heart.

Maintains healthy brain

Copper is most abundant in brain than that of other organs. For promoting the functioning and development of the brain, formation of myelin and neuronal protective layer copper is of prime importance. Programmed cell death of nervous tissues may occur in copper‘s deficiency. Copper also helps in neurotransmission and promotes the phospholipids formation to manage health and proper activity of the brain.

Anti-cancer potential

Copper helps in eliminating the free radicals present in the body.  It is a positive impact of copper peptides that they prevent the growth of cancerous cells and prevent the damage which carcinogens may do to our body. Furthermore, it eliminates the formation of new cancerous cells and helps in recovery of damaged tissues.

Prevents chances of anemia

Copper helps to decrease the chances of anemia by enhancing the synthesis of hemoglobin in the body. Formation of hemoglobin is purely dependent on iron and therefore, copper helps in iron absorption which finally leads to hemoglobin production and proper flow of oxygen.

 Anti-inflammatory potential

Copper possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in providing relief from pain and proves to be very beneficial in case of arthritis and painful joints. Copper vessels prove to be beneficial for people suffering from all such ailments.

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