What are the side effects of drinking baking soda and water?

What are the side effects of drinking baking soda and water?

Baking soda, we are quite familiar with the name as it’s a key ingredient for baking cakes. All the cake lovers know the benefits of baking soda, for being a health provider along with its beauty benefits.  Its alkaline nature is a bonus, which helps in relieving the acidity problems related to digestion issues. But, besides this health benefits, it’s also important to consider its negative effects. Baking soda, it breaks down and converts into sodium ions after its consumption. These sodium ions in excess can hamper the working efficiency of your brain, heart, and muscles.

Side effects of Baking soda-


Baking soda is basically well known for its main constituent sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda has high amounts of sodium content in it. Sodium in higher doses or consumption of sodium ions for longer duration leads to various medical conditions. People suffering from high blood pressure, liver disease or kidney insufficiency conditions are  need to cut off sodium from their daily diet plan.

In case of pregnant ladies, it is a smart advice to restrict their sodium intake. More sodium in our daily routine not only leads to hypertension but a feeling of thirst and stomach cramps are additional worries. Sodium is an essential mineral that maintains electrolyte balance in our body, but excessive intake can prove to be a dangerous state for our vital organs like heart, muscles, and brain by causing pain in abdomen and chest, awful conditions for your muscle health and increased sodium may lead to abnormal nerve transmission which at severe conditions turn to seizures.


Increasing craze of smooth, shiny hairs is leading to various unhealthy experiments by people on their hairs. People use baking soda for the same purpose, unknowingly that eventually with time this shine will turn into a reason of frizzy hairs and hair fall. Our scalp and hairs are generally acidic in nature and more alkaline products will definitely pose a problem in long run.


Skin is a sensitive organ, which is overburdened with increasing pollutants and contaminations in everything we eat, drink or apply. Same as that of hairs, our skin is slightly acidic in nature. Using alkaline stuff may protect it from external harmful conditions like bacteria’s but excessive use may turn the tables by causing sensitivity and irritation.

Severe points- You cannot ignore

  1. Baking soda mainly consists of sodium bicarbonate, which is a remedy to cure acid reflux. But if in excess, can be disastrous for your health.
  2. Rich bicarbonate contents challenge the efficiency of kidneys to filter and excrete it out our body. A high presence of bicarbonates in our system leads to alkalosis. This disturbance in acid-base balance may cause severe deformities-
  3. Alkalosis can cause improper tissue perfusion, reduction in blood flood to vital organs can lead to major severities like arrhythmias. Compromised circulation of blood can affect our central nervous system also, leading to abnormal conditions like those of recurrent occurrence of abnormal impulses, confusion, tremors, and seizures.
  4. It can also affect our respiratory systems, by compromising the mechanical ventilation especially in people who are suffering from respiratory tract disorders.
  5. Alkalosis can also deplete your mineral deposits. Most noteworthy, the potassium ions eliminates in a concentration higher than that of a normal level. In addition, the potassium deficiency can decrease your muscle strength and muscle cramps may occur.

In conclusion, wise consumption of baking soda may be beneficial but it is not true for everyone. To treat a minor situation, excessive use can, in turn, lead to severe side effects. So, to stay healthy, stop assuming and start considering better alternatives. Drinking natural mineral water is one of those alternatives which provides health without creating any doubtful situations.

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