Difference Between bottled Water and Natural Mineral Water?

Difference Between bottled Water and Natural Mineral Water?

When water is the issue, there comes many questions regarding choice of best water. To be the best, one needs to be extraordinary. Natural mineral water is no less than an extra-ordinary solvent. As the name suggests, it’s all pure and natural, with tremendous health benefits. However, bottled water is no more than an ordinary treated water. There lies a series of differences between the natural mineral water and normal bottled water.

Natural mineral water comes from underground sources or springs, it’s free from any physical contamination. In addition, it’s naturally rich in trace elements like- calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and many more. Besides hydration, it has many health relating benefits as well. Starting from head to toe, every part gets the benefit of consuming natural mineral water.

Bottled water comes from different sources, it is artificially treated water which goes through processes like electrolysis or ionization.  This water may or may not contain any mineral. However, these bottles are sometime artificially added with minerals which are of no use, as the time goes by. It can keep you hydrated but cannot be the best choice.

Differences between bottled water and natural mineral water

Bottled water


Natural mineral water is not chemically treated at all, it delivers what it gets from nature whereas Bottled water is added with artificial flavors and additionally undergoes chlorination.


Bottled water is chemically filtered by Natural mineral water undergoes filtration process by various layers and strata’s it passes by, during its journey from mountains to foothills. It does not require any chemical treatments.

Shelf life

Natural mineral water enjoys a long shelf life because of its natural composition and no chemical alterations. Therefore, it is safe for drinking for long ages opposite of it bottled water is an artificial product, it has the comparatively short half-lives. It is a synthetic product and needs a quick disposal in comparison to natural mineral water.

Health benefits

Natural mineral water is beneficial, as it is rich in minerals and no chemicals are present in this natural solvent. It helps in reviving our mineral stores in the body. Opposite to it bottled water is not healthy. Chemical treatment of water makes its consumption questionable sometimes.


Natural mineral water is a product of naturally occurring sources which are natural and pure whereas bottled water can be any water. It may be normal tap water which passes through various chemical treatments.


The taste is also an essential factor that creates a difference between natural mineral water and bottled water. Because of its mineral content, mineral water has a taste that is the same as that of a fresh natural water. On the other hand, bottled water can vary in taste. Depending upon the quality of its source, methods of treatments, and mineral content if any. In many cases, it tastes the same as that of normal tap water.


Cost may be another factor. Natural mineral water is pure, requires no costly treatments. Bottled water may be costlier than natural mineral water. These undergo various treatments to make it clean and fit for consumption, therefore resulting in high cost.

All these points creates a distinguishable results for choice of water. Natural mineral water is safest of all, with no doubt this statement is true. Normal water undergoes various treatments in a manners to eliminate microbial hazard. Anyhow will not contain sufficient minerals in it, or the minerals will be artificial ones. It does not mean that the packaged drinking water will cause illness but the shelf live is comparatively less making it less advantageous than that of natural mineral water.

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