Difference between mineral water and distilled water

Difference between mineral water and distilled water

Distilled water is water from any source that undergoes a purification process called distillation. This is a process that involves heating the water till its boiling point and then boiling for a set time. After boiling, cooling of the steam occurs. Distillation gives the purest water as it destroys all the impurities present in it. But, along with impurities, it leeches all the essential minerals present in it. However, it’s the purest form, but its acidic nature makes it unhealthy for consumption. Acidic environment makes a body more prone to bacterial and viral infections.

According to research, minerals in water are more easily absorb-able than the minerals present in water. Healthy water is not the one which is just pure. To be healthy it needs to be rich in essential mineral elements. Natural mineral water is the best choice, as it meets all the demands of being healthy. Mineral water is obtained from natural underground sources like wells or spring. They are naturally pure, as they pass through different layers of ground. Nature protects it from the external impurities. Indeed, Natural mineral water dissolves everything it comes in contact with, during its journey from mountains to foothills. It dissolves various important minerals in it. Natural mineral water is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, sulfates, bicarbonates etc.

Major difference between distilled water and natural mineral water are-


The most common reason for distillation treatment for water is the clever choice because the distillation process works on the boiling phenomena. Most of the solid substances available and mineral contents present have high boiling points than that of the boiling point of water. They stay down and water boils off in the distillation process. But unfortunately, the harmful chemicals and hazardous pesticides, have low boiling points. Low boiling points of these health hazardous make the process ineffective. This means these chemicals evaporate at first place and does not leave the water vapor alone.

Therefore, you’re left with water vapor that has traces of harmful chemicals in it, even after the whole evaporation and condensation process are complete.  If you suspect your water to have been contaminated by pesticides, distillation may not lend a helping hand in providing safe and pure water and doesn’t prove to be the best solution for water contamination removal. Opposite to this natural mineral water filters itself while passing through various different layers, and therefore its naturally pure and safe for drinking.


Distilled water undergoes the process of distillation which leads to removal of impurities along with essential minerals. The process of distillation leads to removal of all the minerals which are beneficial for human health. Whereas, natural mineral water contains various minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium etc. which have tremendous health benefits.


Distilled water is slightly acidic in nature, Low pH serves as a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms. On the other hand, natural mineral water is alkaline in nature. Presence of various mineral contents in adequate amounts leads towards higher pH which is good for human consumption and proper functioning of the body.


Regular consumption of distilled water may lead to mineral deficiency and diseases associated with it. The more mineral loss, the higher the risk of occurrence of conditions such as osteoporosis, low thyroid levels, coronary heart disorders, high levels of blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases links with early aging.

Ideal water for body needs to be alkaline. Presence of calcium and magnesium is essential to maintain the alkalinity of the water. Distilled water is deprived of these minerals whereas natural mineral water has the presence of both calcium and magnesium.

In conclusion, we can admit that distilled water has no such toxic effects on its usage but can eventually lead you to minerals deficiencies. Distilled water is acidic which is not good for health and therefore cannot be a healthy drink. Talking about natural mineral water, it contains everything you need to have. Health with hydration. Minerals with alkalinity. All these factors elevate the advantages of natural mineral water over distilled water.

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