Top 11 Alkaline Water Health Benefits – Natural Mineral Water for Healthy Living

Top 11 Alkaline Water Health Benefits – Natural Mineral Water for Healthy Living

Drinking alkaline water offers an immense range of Health Benefits. Several studies are supporting the alkaline water health benefits. Furthermore, Natural Mineral Water is Alkaline Water so it the most beneficial water for maintaining good health. Due to this, alkaline water & natural mineral water health benefits are not just for good health but also helps in the treatment of many diseases.

What is alkaline water?

The scale of pH ranges from 0-14. 7 pH is the neutral point. Below 7, pH is acidic. Above 7, pH is alkaline.

The pH of water is neutral, around 7. Drinking water pH ranges from 7-9 and it is considered perfectly alkaline water. In this pH range, alkaline water health benefits are noticed.

What is Natural Mineral Water?

Natural Mineral Water is the one rich in all vital organic minerals, untouched & unprocessed, bottled at the source, alkaline pH, and usually procured from a protected natural source with no human activity.

To Emphasize, FSSAI in India regulates Mineral Water. As per FSSAI, the definition of Natural Mineral Water is- “Waters obtained directly at the source and packaged close to the source; are characterized by the presence of certain mineral salts in relative proportions and trace elements or other constituents. It may be naturally carbonated (with carbon dioxide from the source), carbonated (with added carbon dioxide of another origin), decarbonated (with less carbon dioxide than present in the water at the source so it does not spontaneously give off carbon dioxide under conditions of standard temperature and pressure), or fortified (with carbon dioxide from the source), and non-carbonated (contains no free carbon dioxide)”. 

Drinking Alkaline Water Health benefits includes-

Alkaline Water balances the pH of the body

An acidic body is responsible for many health ailments. When the body turns overly acidic, the systems of the body have to work hard to maintain the acid-alkaline balance. People with a diet comprising of meat, Alcohol, junk food, processed food, dairy products, and soft drinks etcetera have an acidic body. The tendency to have diseased condition increases and ailments tends to grow where the acid level is high.

Alkaline water health benefits include neutralizing the acid level of the body. It not only works as a preventive measure but also speeds up the recovery process.

Alkaline Water acts as Antioxidant

Alkaline water’s health benefits include its Antioxidant property which helps to protect the body from free radicals known to be the reason for various health problems. Free radicals damage the body by affecting our immune system. This may lead to many infections and serious ailments.

Also, drinking alkaline water is a way to protect the body from the effect of free radicals.

Alkaline Water Health benefits – Body Detoxification

Alkaline water health benefits from washing away toxins which are responsible for many diseases or illnesses. Drinking 2-3 liters of water is a way to detoxification and when you choose to drink alkaline water, it not only cleanses but also offers many health benefits.

Alkaline water boosts the body metabolism, aids digestion

Alkaline water possesses anti-oxidant properties and helps to balance the body’s pH. Both these properties ultimately help to boost body metabolism.

When it comes to drinking alkaline water, it is a must to create a balance. As another key point is that, over-consumption of alkaline water leads to metabolic alkalosis causing nausea, vomiting, and confusion.

Alkaline Water helps to lose weight

With the increasing trend of junk food these days, the problem of weight gain has increased. Junk food increases the acid levels in the body. Due to this body creates more fat cells, to neutralize the acid.

Drinking alkaline water regularly helps to neutralize the acid, hence there is no need for the body to create fat cells. More alkaline the state of the body, the easier it gets to lose weight and vice versa.

Alkaline Water helps in the prevention of Diabetes

As per a study conducted by Dr. Theodore Baroody on Alkaline Water – “There is a relationship between alkaline water and regulation of blood sugar level”. Maintaining an alkaline environment in the body helps to regulate diabetes.

Hence, drinking alkaline water health benefits brings down sugar levels.

Alkaline Water Health benefits in fighting Cancer

Cancerous cells (malignant cells) grow in the acidic environment. The acid-alkaline balance in the body is a must to maintain to prevent malignancy. Drinking alkaline water health benefits involves keeping the acid in the body neutral, ultimately maintaining an alkaline environment.

For this reason, every person should develop the habit of drinking alkaline water as “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Alkaline Water Health Benefits in boosting the immune system

Also, it cleanses toxins from the body and neutralizes free radicals. Drinking alkaline water and incorporating an alkaline diet helps to maintain an alkaline state of the body.

Alkaline water helps in attaining better hydration

Alkaline water is great for body hydration. Another key point, it is easily absorbed on the cellular levels. Alkaline water not only hydrates but energizes the body as well. Our body needs to fully hydrated to stay healthy and alkaline water is one of the best ways to do that.

Alkaline Water helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis

Important to realize, alkaline water is rich in calcium. Calcium contained in Natural Mineral Water & alkaline water help in building bone density. It promotes the regeneration of bone cells also. Due to all these reasons, drinking alkaline water or natural mineral water helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis.

Alkaline water promotes healthy heart & controls Blood Pressure

Another key point, both alkaline water & natural mineral water are rich in sodium, hence they help in controlling blood pressure. Moreover, being rich in potassium, it helps to relax the muscles around the heart. Consequently, it helps to prevent heart disorders like stroke & heart attack.

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