10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water From A Copper Pot

10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water From A Copper Pot

Present generation is group of scientific minds, who do not trust the ancient beliefs blindly. They are curious to know the science behind every fact. From ancient time, people use copper pot for drinking water but the science behind the deed is not known to many. Let’s talk about the necessity and justify our ancient beliefs.

Benefits of drinking water-copper pot

Copper’s source

Our body is not capable of synthesizing copper of its own. Being an important mineral, our body needs it for various purposes. Therefore, using copper pot for drinking water can help in elevating the copper levels and combat its deficiency in our body.

Boost your healing

Copper peptides are well known for their proper of enhancing collagen production. Because of this reason it works as an excellent healer. Therefore drinking water from copper pots can help healing your wounds fast.

Prevents cancer

Copper is an excellent anti-oxidant which helps in fighting end eliminating the presence of free radicals from our body. Finally, proves to be beneficial in fighting cancer by preventing the growth of cancerous cells and healing the damage caused to our body by these carcinogenic. It also helps in preventing the formation of new cancerous cells and repairs our body.

Relieves arthritis

Copper is of immense help in case of arthritis. It acts by reducing inflammation and boosting our immunity to fight the condition. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening of bones and proves to be advantageous for painful joints. Drinking water-copper pot is a great idea for those suffering from this terrible disease.

Antibacterial potential

Copper has been reported for its antibacterial property. But, since ancient times we believe it is essential in killing microbes. Many instances shows that the water from copper pot is highly effective against diarrhea causing bacteria, like Vibrio species, E. coli, Salmonella and some other bacteria such as S. flexneri and S. paratyphi causing other serious issues.

Avoids the chances of anemia

Coppers has potential to boost the synthesis of hemoglobin. Copper helps in absorption of iron in our cells which is a prime concern for formation of hemoglobin and keeping up with oxygen flow of our body.

Prevents aging

Copper is a good source of antioxidants which helps in slowing down your aging process. In addition, it prevents your skin from aging effects. It avoids wrinkles and age lines. Antioxidants expel the dead skin and promote formation of new cells.

Helpful for pregnant mothers

Copper deficiencies during pregnancy can result in mental retardation, teretogenesis and death. Copper requirement of pregnant ladies is generally high. It’s supports formation of red blood cells in body and repairing tissues is an additional help. To maintain iron levels, maintainance of copper levels is important. Drinking water-copper pot will be of great help to pregnant ladies.

Healthy heart

Copper deficiencies leads to elastic degeneration and fragmentation, cardiac enlargement, arteries and smooth muscles degeneration, and ventricular and coronary artery aneurysm. In addition it is a key to maintain the integrity of connective tissues in heart. Copper is important to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels in body. Therefore, these utmost important points makes the copper, the most demanding elements to keep our heart healthy.

Improves brain health

Copper is present in high concentration in our brain in comparison to other parts. Brain requires it the most for formation and maintenance of myelin, protective layer of neurons. Moreover, the deficiency of copper can lead to necrosis of nerve tissues. It marks its importance in normal neurotransmission also. Its ability to create phospholipids is an additional benefit to keep our brain active and healthy

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