Health Significance of Drinking Water rich in Calcium and Magnesium

Health Significance of Drinking Water rich in Calcium and Magnesium

Water is essential for hydration, hence for life too. Drinking water supply is always from protected sources, for maintaining good health. As per an estimation, almost 17% of total world’s population uses water from remote and unprotected sources, 32% from protected source and 51% from piped system to the dwelling. The source of water plays a major role, as far as quality of water is concerned. Along with source, another significant parameter is the mineral composition of drinking water. Another key point, the concentration of minerals varies considerably from one supply to another.

There are a variety of minerals needed for healthy growth & development of the body. Any deficiency of these minerals in the body leads to health problems. Both calcium and magnesium are significant for good health. Adequate intake of these minerals is must for healthy living. Usually, we consider food as the principle source of calcium and magnesium. But, drinking water is also an important source of minerals.

Henceforth, there is a lot of health significance of drinking water rich in calcium and magnesium. Drinking mineral-rich water on routine basis ensures appropriate amount minerals in the body.

Health Significance of Drinking Water rich in Calcium and Magnesium

Health Significance of Calcium : Important to realize, more than 98% of entire body calcium is present in teeth and bones. In both teeth & bones, it functions as a key structural element. Not only this, body calcium also function in metabolism and serve as a signal for vital physiological processes like vascular contraction, muscular contraction, nerve transmission & blood clotting. (Study by Declan Waugh, Report on Human Toxicity, Environmental impact and Legal implication of water fluoridation, Enviro Management Services)

Moreover, lack of calcium in the body leads to many health issues like osteoporosis, colorectal cancer, coronary artery disease, kidney stones, obesity, and insulin resistance.

Health Significance of Magnesium : Magnesium is the second most abundant cation in the intracellular fluid and fourth most abundant cation in the body. Magnesium is involved in nucleic acid & protein synthesis, energy metabolism and vital for insulin sensitivity and normal vascular tone.

Low magnesium level in the body leads to endothelial dysfunction, elevated circulating level of C- reactive protein, increased vascular reactions and decreased insulin sensitivity.

Moreover, there are many diseases like coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus (type -2) and certain metabolic syndrome which has low magnesium status.

Along with diet, water too contributes to these minerals essential for growth and development of the body. Drinking water rich in calcium and magnesium helps in combating many health issues and maintaining good health.

Natural Mineral Water is a type of drinking water rich in Calcium and Magnesium. It provides an adequate mineral contribution to the daily diet.
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