What’s the difference between different drinking water types – Spring Water, Natural Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking Water

What’s the difference between different drinking water types – Spring Water, Natural Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking Water

Our 3 categories of drinking water types

Spring Water, Natural Mineral Water and Packaged drinking Water are the three different drinking water types. There is a huge difference between these three different type of drinking water known by the innate attributes like source, catchment area, pH, hardness, composition, taste, treatment etc.

Types of Water: Spring Water

Out of these different drinking water types. Here are Spring water’s characteristics and definition by its origin-

  • Firstly, Its source is a place where water naturally flows out of the ground
  • Also, it may arise from gravity spring, artesian spring, seepage spring, tubular spring & fissure spring
  • Furthermore, it has Single Catchment Area
  • In addition, its catchment area is protected to avoid pollution and contamination
  • Uniquely, it has not gone through biological community
  • As well as, no Modification and chemical treatment
  • And finally, bottled at the source

Types of Water: Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water’s definition and characteristics by its origin-

  • First of all, It is from virgin canal free from pollution (Untouched by Human)
  • Along with this, it guarantees microbial purity and chemical composition
  • Bottled directly from underground sources to protected from pollution risks
  • Single Catchment Area
  • Presence of naturally existing organic minerals
  • No chemical treatment (Unprocessed Water)
  • Can claim medicinal effects

Immense range of Health benefits offered by Mineral Water has increased its demand in market. Also, BIS (Bureau of Standard) has given different codes to refer the categories of water. BIS Code for Natural Mineral Water in India is 13428. Above all, for consumer help it is on the label of every bottle.

Types of water: Packaged Drinking Water

Following are the characteristics of Packaged Drinking Water-

  • In contrast, it can originate from any type of public or private source example municipal committee
  • Treated, disinfected, and has to go through a series of processes like, filtration, UV treatment, chlorination, reverse osmosis etc.
  • Simply sealed water just safe, clean and fit for human consumption
  • No claim of Minerals presence
  • No claim of medicinal effects
  • Lastly, Multiple Catchment areas

BIS Code for Packaged drinking water in India is 14543. Most Noteworthy, this code is also on the label of every bottle.
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