What to eat and drink-Plan diet, Be your own Dietitian

What to eat and drink-Plan diet, Be your own Dietitian

To stay healthy it’s really important to focus on what we eat and drink in our everyday routine. Food not only helps in providing energy for pumping blood, moving muscles and thought process rather it helps you in living a healthy lifestyle. But, this depends on the quality of food you intake daily and little efforts of your muscles by exercising. Making poor choices like eating too much, satisfying your hunger with fast foods- increases your chances to invite life-threatening diseases – CVS disorders. Let’s talk about some foods and drinks that can enhance your performance and keep you healthy and young. Plan diet, Be your own Dietitian.


  1. Eat all varieties of food. Add vegetables, whole grains, meats, fish, and fruits.
  2. Include nuts, seeds, and legumes in your diet
  3. Avoid eating a high-fat diet.

 Natural-plant based foods

For healthy diet add plant-based foods as a large portion of your everyday diet. Include vegetables, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds every day. For breakfast choose the foods wisely like wholegrain bread and cereals. Your diet plan must include pulses and legumes like that of baked and kidney beans, chickpea or lentils, dried peas and beans like butter beans and broad beans. Replace your sweets and food which is baked with fruits specifically citrus fruits and other fruits that have high in vitamin C content. These healthy food items have useful nutritional advantages like fiber, vitamins B, vitamin C, antioxidants and sometimes contain healthy fats like omega 9 present in almonds and omega 3 present in walnuts. Keeping above said in mind and plan diet accordingly.

Fats and oils

Fats are an essential part of your everyday diet but you should avoid excluding them. However, the type of fats you include in your diet is the key point to stay focused on. Choosing the beneficial fats which are unsaturated in nature than that of trans and saturated fats, will eliminate the risks of cardiovascular disease. Bad cholesterol levels are elevated by consumption of saturated and trans fat. Therefore, it’s acceptable to add eggs to your diet.


Limiting your salt intake is important to avoid hypertension and risk of cardiac disorders. In case you want to add flavor to the food try adding herbs. Try switching to foods which are labeled as no added salts, it will be beneficial to keep your heart healthy and pulse moderate.


We consume sugar in our tea or coffee. In addition to that, your cookies, candies, cold drinks all are rich in sugar content which make it difficult to guess the sugar content we had. To avoid overburdening your limit of sugar consumption, try decreasing your sugar consumption by preventing or avoiding the use of carbonated drinks, cookies, and candies.


Adding snacks to your diet may include raw vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, unsalted nuts. Try to limit sugary, fatty and salty snack foods, such as chips, cakes, pastries, biscuits, and chocolate.


Natural drinks

To ensure that your body is well hydrate, keep drinking water before you get thirsty. Fruit and vegetable juice can be added to diet but it should not replace water. During physical workout try consuming more water. Drink coffee and tea in a moderate limit. Over consumption of coffee and tea may have opposite effects on your body.

Artificial drinks

Try limiting the consumption of sugary drinks like cold drinks, marketed juices. Restrict the use of alcohol to stay healthy.

Plan diet, Be your own Dietitian 

Healthy eating and drinking is an important aspect for looking after your health. For a long, healthy life choose your diet wisely. Eat high quality food and exercise regularly. This is the only Mantra to keep yourself young and revived. Since everyone’s has a different history of health and requirement of nutrition, you need to be sure that you a piece of advice from your doctor or a registered dietitian to consult about your diet and workout ideas that will be fruitful for you.

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