Harmless still water or sparkling devil – choice is yours.

Harmless still water or sparkling devil – choice is yours.

Water contains only two elements in it, hydrogen and oxygen but it comes in a surprising number of forms. The quality of water which we intake is the deciding factor for our health. The use of natural water, tap, and sparkling water all have varied effects on our body. Along with the nature of water, consider some other factors also. One major factor involved in the processing that takes place, such as in the cases of sparkling water. Whereas on the other hand, we have harmless still water, found naturally.

Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water, is still water in which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved under pressure. Other names are soda water or seltzer. This procedure makes the water full of bubbles and it gives sparkling water a salty taste. Sparkling water is bottled, although it can run through special taps as well.

Sill water is the natural water that marks its presence in natural sources and sometimes bottled. Bottled still water has no such instructions and contraindications. It’s safe for consumption. In respect to health, it has many positive impacts. The rich mineral content makes it good for consumption. The mineral content in still water adds to its taste along with its curative potential.

 Difference between still water and sparkling water?

While staying hydrated is essential for humans. Therefore the choice of water should also be a topic for pay attention. Generally the sparkling water links with bubbles that generate inside the bottle of sparkling water. But this is not the only difference between sparkling and still water. Talking in broad terms, there are some health concerns about the consumption of sparkling water.

Health issues with sparkling water

Some issues related to sparkling water are- it would destroy the calcium of your bones, decreasing the bone density and leading to various bone related disorders. In addition to it, some claimed of its negative effect on teeth enamel. Sparkling water deteriorates the calcium stores of our body. People with issues of urinary problems should avoid to use such type of water. Whereas digestive problems are concerned, the sparkling water is the clear contraindication for those with sensitive stomach as it can lead to the formation of excess of gastric contents and irritates the mucus layer of stomach making the conditions go worse. While sparkling water contains only water and air in it, some bottled soda have flavor enhancers in them which contain high sodium contents, artificial acids, sweetening agents and some other additives also. All of these substances promotes the increase in number of calories and extra sodium levels. Also, these additives can enhance the cavities and excess weight gain with time.

The pH of sparkling water can range from around 3 to 5, therefore it is slightly acidic. Still water in comparison has a pH of 7.

Harmless still water

Still, water which is completely harmless in this concern. There are no risks associating with consumption of this still water. Although some people can mistake carbonated waters as mineral water mineral water is still at the source and therefore is enriched with minerals dissolved in it during its voyage. These mineral possess many health benefits related to every essential process from thinking process to pulse regulation. It covers many advantages due to the presence of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium etc. opposite to that of sparkling water.

Sparkling water is not necessarily bad for you, but too much these beverages could, in time, have the deteriorating effects. Still, water may seem flat and too sweet for a person consuming sparkling water regularly. Sparkling water may be a trend for some literate fools but still, water is pure and natural, is healthier than any other water type. Therefore, harmless still water pose many benefits over sparkling water and deserves to be served to mankind for a better lifestyle.

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