Is Natural Mineral Water alkaline Water?

Is Natural Mineral Water alkaline Water?

Natural Mineral Water is not only from a natural source, close to nature but also contains a high amount of naturally existing dissolved minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Potassium and Bicarbonates. Health benefits drinking Alkaline Water & Natural Mineral Water has increased the popularity of both these categories of water.

Natural Mineral Water is characterized by Natural Source, Bottled at the Source, Untouched & Unprocessed, Wellness of all Vital Organic Minerals, Alkaline pH, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). As a result, it helps to maintain the routine functions efficiently.

Alkaline Water is the one whose pH lies in scale of 7-9. To Enumerate, pH Scale ranges from 0 to 14. pH 7 is the Neutral point. From 0-7, it is acidic and beyond 7 it turns out to be alkaline. There are immense health benefits of Alkaline Water.

Is JAL Natural Mineral Water, alkaline water?

Minerals – Calcium & Magnesium are responsible for giving Mineral water an alkaline pH. This simply proves that mineral water is alkaline as it is rich in both these minerals. To demonstrate, water is alkaline if its pH is greater than 7. JAL Water pH is 7.6.

Health benefits drinking alkaline Water

Here is what Experts has to say on the Health benefits drinking Alkaline Water:

  • As per an Anti-Aging Expert- David Niven Miller and author of book “Grow Youthful” – Alkaline Water provides powerful Antioxidants. Furthermore, Herald Tietze– Author of “Youthing” described that drinking Alkaline Water on regular basis, aging can be seized.
  • As per Daniel Reid – Author of The Tao of Detox- Alkaline Water helps to detox the body.
  • As per Susan Lark – Drinking Alkaline Water not only neutralizes the acidity but also help to restore buffering ability. It can also help the body by fighting against the development of strokes, immune dysfunction, and heart diseases.
  • As per Sherry Rogers, M.D – Drinking Alkaline Water helps to get rid of the Acid Waste
  • As per Robert O. Young, PhD Author of book pH Miracle– Regular drinking alkaline water balances the pH of the body and helps to heal the body.
  • As per Theodore A. Baroody demonstration in his book – “Alkalize or Die” how eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water can help in preventing heart attacks, kidney stones, pancreatic problems, joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands dysfunction etc.
  • As per Larry Clapp, PhD says – “Drinking Alkaline Water helps the body clear out the acidic wastes and restore the cellular pH balance to normal”.
  • After years of very positive continuous clinical experiment conducted by her on hundreds of clients, Felicia Drury Climent author of “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet” suggests drinking alkaline water whenever possible.
  • As per Howard Hay, people with more acidic blood are likely to fall ill. He defined pH 7.4 to 7.5 associated with good health.
  • As per a study conducted by Kaufman JA et al, – “drinking Alkaline water benefits in treatment of reflux disease (GERD- Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, Heartburn)”

Other health benefits drinking Alkaline water & Natural Mineral Water 

Also, Alkaline water too helps in the preventing & treatment of cancer. Cancer thrives in the acidic environment or simply saying Acidic pH level in the body for long can lead to cancer. Sang Whang author of the book “Reverse Aging” that all toxins that builds in the body are acidic. When blood turns too acidic, toxins are not released from cells to blood. These toxins keeps building up in the cells, which with time turns cancerous. This Health benefits of alkaline water helps in preventing the building up of these toxins.

Another, Health benefits of alkaline water also constitutes high Cholesterol, diabetes & high blood pressure – Here is the study indicating this.

Besides all, the above stated Health benefits of Alkaline Water also offers better hydration, boosts the Immune System,  leads to healthy skin etc.

Furthermore, though there are no evidences but drinking Alkaline Water may also reduce Crohn’s disease & colitis. It may also reduce the risk of gout, osteoporosis & promotes bone & teeth growth. Similarly, it may also help in the treatment of autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

Alkaline water, Natural Mineral Water  both have Alkaline pH.

 Both Alkaline Water and Natural Mineral water contain wellness of minerals and possess alkaline pH. These minerals are vital for growth & development of body. Actually water is the best source of minerals for the body and when it comes to Natural Mineral Water then of course it is loaded with all the vital minerals. Body absorbs minerals much faster from water or fluids than from food or any other type of Health supplement.

All the above stated health benefits drinking alkaline water will definitely enlighten you to choose the right drink for your better health.

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