Hidden treasure- characteristics of natural mineral water

Hidden treasure- characteristics of natural mineral water

Water is the essence of life, it’s our prime need. But, the safety of water is a prime issue. Tap water is no safer for consumption, it’s deprived of essential elements which are considered good for health. Therefore, natural mineral water is a bonus. Indeed, natural mineral water contains a hidden treasure in form of essential minerals. These minerals contribute to our health to a large extent. The health perspectives of natural mineral water are solely linked to its chemical characteristics and pure nature. Natural mineral water is a hidden treasure of minerals.

The mineral contents which are present in natural mineral water are- calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorides and bicarbonate ions which are essential for maintaining balance. Natural mineral water contains all these health parameters naturally in it. From its journey of Himalayas to foothills, it collects all the health in it and delivers it to us in form of natural mineral water which is naturally clear and pure with alkaline nature.

Exploring the hidden treasure of natural mineral water

hidden treasure

Calcium content of water

Calcium is important for maintenance of our bones and teeth. It strengthens your bones and increases bone density. Therefore, decreasing the chances of bone related disorders like osteoporosis. In addition, it also important for our nervous system for impulse transition. The body also requires it for the proper working of enzymes and hormone secretion. It also influences the growth of cells.

Magnesium content of water

Magnesium also adds up in the maintenance of bone strength and density. It is required for energy metabolism by our body. Structure and functioning of muscles need an adequate amount of magnesium. Magnesium maintains your immune system in the healthy state. It can also normalize your heartbeat. Furthermore, it regulates your blood glucose levels. It also prevents heart disease and high blood pressure. Magnesium can help women with premenstrual and postmenopausal disorders. Along with calcium, it maintains the normal muscles and nerve functions.

Potassium content of water

Potassium plays a significant role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. Regulation of blood pressure is the prime role of potassium. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining blood glucose levels as well. Conduction of nerve impulse is an additional role of potassium which constitutes to our normal healthy functioning of the body.

The sodium content of water

It maintains the balance of fluids in our body which is required to maintain proper functioning of body and regulation of blood pressure. Sodium-rich mineral water is advantageous for postmenopausal women regarding their heart health, as per the research studies. Our nervous system also needs a fair amount of sodium.

Chloride content in water

Presence of chlorides is also a remarkable point for natural mineral water. Chlorides are good agents which can help to treat disorders of the digestive system, bile ducts, liver, kidney and urinary tracts.

Bicarbonate content in water

Bicarbonate ions are also a plus point for natural mineral water, as these ions maintains the pH to alkaline which proves to be beneficial for our body. It can decrease the acid re-flux and help us get rid of improper digestion issues. It avoids the chances of accumulation of toxins in our body. Bicarbonate rich mineral water benefits by maintaining pH and creating optimum temperature for bone mineralization.

Therefore, exploring the hidden treasure of natural mineral water is necessary, as it delivers health to our doorsteps. Many packaging units are working hard to provide this essence of nature to common man. Without any man made processing, they serve your health, all in one bottle itself. AL- Natural mineral water proves true to the above said. JAL- Health in every drop.

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