Indian Standard – Packaged Natural Mineral Water

Indian Standard – Packaged Natural Mineral Water

The Standard IS 14543 provides sufficient freedom to the manufacturer to adopt any process for converting raw water into packaged water for drinking purposes. However, there are restrictions with regard to the processing of packaged natural mineral water as given in IS 13428, like water shall not go through processes, such as reverse osmosis, demineralization or disinfection before packaging.


Definition as per standard- Packaged Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water – Water clearly distinguishable from ordinary drinking water because:

  1. Take it directly from natural or drilled sources from underground layers bearing water, we need to take all possible prevention’s to keep it away from any type of contamination that may occur due to external influence on the chemical and physical qualities of water.
  2. Presence of mineral content, salts in good proportions and some trace amount of other elements serve as characterization factors.
  3. The maintenance of constant composition of water and temperature stability, any natural fluctuations should be in the notice.
  4. Assure conditions for the collection of water which maintains the microbiological decontamination and proper chemistry of essential components;
  5. Packaging, close to the point of its source with proper hygienic conditions;
  6. No treatments are acceptable other than the ones as per standards.


Hygiene conditions

Especially, collection, processing, handling, packaging, and marketing of natural mineral water should stay in accordance with the hygienic practices. In addition, It’s necessary to form a checklist for good hygienic practices. In addition to this, prepare check-list for food safety system for packaged natural mineral water processing units also.


Microbial contamination- It should be free from microbial contamination. All micro-organisms such as E.coli, Coliform, Streptococci, Sulphite reducing anaerobes, Pseudomonas, Yeast, Molds, Shigella, Salmonella, Vibro cholera etc. should be absent.


Natural mineral water shall be packed in clean, hygienic, colorless, transparent and tamper-proof bottles/containers, made of polyethylene (PE) according to the IS 10146 or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as per IS 10151 or polypropylene according to IS 10910 or polyalkylene terephthalate (PET and PBT) as per IS 12252 or poly carbonate as in IS 14971 or polystyrene according to IS 10142 or sterile glass bottles suitable for preventing possible adulteration or contamination of the water. In addition, Plastic containers as per IS 15410. Most noteworthy, all packaging materials of plastics shall confirm the color as well as overall migration limits as mentioned by Bureau of Indian Standards for packaging materials as per the guidelines.


The following particulars should be present on the label of the bottle/container:

  1. Name of the product
  2. Supplementary designations, if any;
  3. Name and address of the processor;
  4. Brand name, if any;
  5. Batch or Code number;
  6. Date of processing/packing;
  7. Best for consumption up to  (date/month! year in capital letters); or Best for consumption within days or months from the date of processing/packing;
  8. Net volume
  9. Location and name of the source of natural mineral water;
  10. Direction for storage
  11. Furthermore, any other markings required under the Standards of Weights and Measure (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977and the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 and the Rules framed there-under.

Labeling Prohibitions

No claims concerning medicinal effects shall be made in respect of the properties of the product covered by the standard.

BIS certification

The product may also be marked with the Standard Marks governed by the provisions of Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 and the Rules and Regulations framed there-under.


Moreover, representative samples of natural mineral water shall be drawn and the criteria for conformity to this standard shall be established accordingly.

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