Can you get kidney stones from drinking mineral water?

Can you get kidney stones from drinking mineral water?

Kidney stones are little “stones” of salt and mineral in the urine. The most well-known side effect is extreme pain. Most stones pass without any high costing method, naturally through urine, yet therapeutic methods are utilized to evacuate some kidney stones. Most kidney stones are calcium-type. They shape when the calcium levels in your urine change. In the discharge procedure calcium particles or stones are gathered on kidney dividers as they are difficult to disintegrate. Throughout the years due to this store, the size of the stone increments and begins giving issues in the renal framework and leads to excessive pain.

Kidney stone formation does not occur due to a single reason. Many reasons in combination lead to such a condition. One reason may be the presence of a high amount of uric acid, oxalates, and calcium.

Reasons for Kidney stones-

  • Lack of hydration- As a matter of first importance, the essential driver of urine irregularity is caused by not drinking enough water to remain completely hydrated. At the point when the body is deficient with regards to water, the minerals, salts and different substances in urine will bond together to form stones.
  • Low mineral content- Drinking low mineralized water has a negative effect on the system that maintains water and mineral metabolism in the body. It creates an imbalance in the body leading to excessive loss of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium etc.
  • Improper diet- Eating a protein-rich diet, fried and sugar-rich foods create acidic conditions in your body. All these conditions create imbalances and undesirable changes in the kidney.
  • Compromised conditions- Some health condition can also lead to the stone formation, like that in gout or inflammatory bowel diseases.

The best water for kidney stones-

Numerous individuals have the misguided judgment that kidney stones are the result of drinking excessively mineral water. These renal calculi comprise of minerals, and for the most part, contain calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. But, it isn’t valid that they are caused because of mineral water. These calculi principally contain calcium, which is present in low amounts in mineral water.

Water with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium taken in sufficient quantities actually reduce the chances of formation of the kidney stones and promote goodness for health and maintains healthy bones.

Low mineral content being one of a reason of kidney stone, needs serious attention. Natural mineral water is no less than a savior in these cases. It is rich in minerals and has the ability to add minerals to the empty deposits of a body.

However, lifestyle changes can also help to manage the condition. Try adding regular intake of water in your daily routine. Replace your normal water with natural mineral water, as it contains minerals naturally.

Furthermore, consider avoiding drinking distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Since these waters lack minerals and they can contribute to these imbalances in the kidneys and urine. Therefore, distilled water cannot fulfill your mineral requirement.

Prevention is better than cure-

Especially, several steps are important to avoid the painful conditions like kidney calculi. Starting with the foremost step, increase fluids intake in body. This point should be prime step without any doubt. Reduce intake of excess of salts. In other words, the more sodium you take in and excrete, the more calcium you waste in the urine. Excess calcium in the urine can lead to new stone formation. Try to limit dietary sources of mineral sodium which includes fast foods, packaged foods with extra addition of salts, and salty unhealthy snacks. In addition, high protein diet can also elevate the chances of uric acid stone formation. Therefore try avoiding protein rich foods like beef, poultry, fish etc.

In conclusion to all the points, staying hydrated is the first and foremost need to stay free of kidney stones. Natural mineral water is a good option to stay rich in minerals and hydrated at same time.

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