Living Alkaline – Is Your Bottled Water Acidic, Neutral, or Alkaline?

Living Alkaline – Is Your Bottled Water Acidic, Neutral, or Alkaline?

Human blood represents slightly basic pH levels that are about 7.4 — somewhat alkaline. It’s vital for proper body functions and mandatory for our body to maintain our body pH within this range. Even a small fluctuation of as little as .05 in our blood pH can have severe health risks, but the pH of the organs throughout the rest of the body can vary widely. Living alkaline is important for proper functioning of our bodies.

Why is body pH important?

Human bodies comprise of infinite cells and these cells are responsible for all biological processes that occur in our body. Enzymes which are a prime need for effective working and processing of all biological and chemical procedures require accurate pH for performing their work accurately. If the pH decreases or increases than the pH necessary for the body, the enzymes stop working and leading to the hampering of all biochemical processes of the body.








Indeed, any pH imbalance of body is a cataclysmic condition and needs treatment immediately because it has irreversible damage to body organs, such as heart, kidneys, and brain. As you’re reading through this, you know that alkaline water is meant to make your body alkaline, and also strengthen your body systems.

There is a natural mineral water that you can drink. It really does make you healthier because it is alkalescent in nature and rich with respect to various minerals that are beneficial to your health.

What makes water alkaline?

Mainly four components are responsible for the alkalinity of characteristic mineral water.

Living Alkaline

Starting with Calcium, it strengthens your bones and teeth. It keeps our circulatory system healthy. Calcium also plays an important role in blood clotting, cell growth and the production of hormones. In addition to it, other minerals like Magnesium and Potassium are also beneficial. Magnesium helps to keep your heart healthy, mainly required for energy metabolism. It also adds on to muscle strength. Potassium keeps your muscles working properly. Contraction and relaxation of muscles require potassium to keep up with their natural functioning. It’s also important for the conduction of nerve impulses and aids in food digestion and fluid elimination. Sodium is also an important component of natural mineral water which balances the fluids in the body and controls your blood pressure. It influences the muscle movements. Sodium is a prime concern, the body requires it for the proper functioning of your nervous system.

Why drinking water is important?

It’s important to consume water regularly to keep the water balance of your body. The two-third part of a human body is made up of water. If people don’t consume enough water, it starts to dehydrate. Our cells become deficient to nutrients very easily due to loss of water from our body. Dehydration also leads to fall in blood pressure which can turn into life threatening issue.

How alkaline water heals?

A basic understanding of human physiology indicates why mineralized alkaline water has healing properties. When we intake any food or drink the digestive process triggers and special cells in the stomach lining secrete a hydrochloric acid which is strong in nature with pH around 1.5 – 2 which helps in break down of the food. The stomach contents mix to produce a thick, acidic liquid mass called chyme. The chyme is then passed into the small intestine (duodenum) where absorption of the food nutrients and water begins.

However, this absorption process can only take place in an alkaline environment, so the body must rapidly increase the pH of the chyme. It does this by using bicarbonate ions in the food and by releasing bicarbonate stores from the body. The bicarbonate ions also support the digestive action of enzymes secreted by the pancreas, the gallbladder, and the intestine. Once your food converts to an alkaline liquid, the essential nutrients it contains absorbs efficiently as it moves through the intestine. Living alkaline is a necessary condition to maintain proper human physiological conditions.

Living alkaline is Living healthy

So, why is alkaline water so beneficial to our health and acidic waters not? It is not just the pH value of the water that is important, but the mineral content as well. Alkaline water in combination with high alkalinity (the measure of carbonate and bicarbonate ions) will always support the digestive process. Natural mineral water supports the proper uptake of nutrients from food. So, contrary to many myths that exist in the general public that say that alkaline water is consumed to increase the pH of the body. Here is an explanation that alkaline water is actually consumed to improve whole body nutrition. Keeping the benefits in mind, choose your drinking water wisely. Stay healthy and hydrated with alkaline water that is pure and natural. Living alkaline is living healthy.

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