Natural mineral water vs Mountain spring water

Natural mineral water vs Mountain spring water

Mountain spring water and natural mineral water both are water of natural origin, but two things with different names can never be the same.

Natural Mineral water

Natural mineral water – Mineral water can come from a natural well or spring, contains rich amounts of essential minerals. These minerals are important for maintaining good health. Mineral water is protected both physically and geologically. Presence of minerals in an adequate amount is responsible for the many health benefits. Different mineral contributes to different health perspectives. Minerals that are mainly present in natural mineral water are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfates, chlorides, bicarbonates etc.

Mountain Spring water

Mineral content

Starting with the health benefits, calcium is required for maintenance of our bones and teeth. It strengthens your bones and increases bone density. Therefore, helps in decreasing the chances of bone related disorders like osteoporosis. In addition, it also plays a significant role in our nervous system to transmit the impulse. The body also requires it for the proper working of enzymes and hormone secretion, hereby influence the growth of body cells.

Magnesium also helps in the maintenance of bone strength and density. It is a prime need for energy metabolism in our body. Structure and functioning of muscles need an adequate amount of magnesium. Moreover, magnesium maintains a healthy immune system. It can also normalize your heartbeat. Furthermore, it regulates your blood glucose levels. It also prevents heart disease and high blood pressure. Magnesium can help women regarding the pre-menstrual and postmenstrual problems also. Along with calcium, it maintains the normal muscles and nerve functions.

Another one is potassium, it helps to maintain the fluid balance of the body.  Potassium plays a vital role in the regulation of blood pressure Furthermore, it influences a decrease in your blood glucose levels as well. Conduction of nerve impulse is an additional role of potassium which constitutes to our normal healthy functioning of the body.

Sodium rich water maintains the balance of fluids in our body which is required to maintain the functioning of body and regulation of blood pressure. It may have benefits for postmenopausal women for maintaining cardiovascular health, as per recent researches. Sodium is also a need for our nervous system.

Chlorides are good agents which can help to treat disorders of the digestive system, bile ducts, liver, kidney and urinary tracts.

Maintaining Balance

Bicarbonate ions are also present in natural mineral water, as these ions maintain the basic pH to which proves to be important for our body. This balance decreases the acid reflux and helps getting rid of problems like improper digestion. It prevents accumulation of toxins in our body. Bicarbonate rich mineral water benefits by maintaining pH and creating optimum temperature for bone mineralization.

Mountain Spring water

Mountain spring water comes from natural sources located around rock beds and soil. Water that comes naturally to the surface from underground and has no natural tributaries is spring water. Some municipalities also use spring water as a source for their tap waters, it is perhaps the best overall water for health benefits and rehydration but, occasional algal sprouts can discharge a stinky substance that goes into the water and even treatment can’t get out causing troubles sometimes for those who consume it. Although spring water is a natural one, it can be contaminated by some physical contaminants, which degrades the quality and taste of it. Mountain spring water contains minerals.

Quality factors

However, the quality of water flows through springs can vary greatly because of several factors like the water quality of the acquifer recharger and the type of rocks which are present in the path of water and comes in contact with it. Moreover, the rate and  length of the path from the aquifer affects the time period for contact of water and rocks.Therefore, the amount of minerals that the water can dissolves depends on it. In general the mountain spring water is clear, but sometimes due to presence of tannic acid in it, it appears in color as that of tea. Sometimes, surface water gets a chance to enter the aquifer and comes out from the vent of spring. In several cases the water is colorful indicating the presence of impurities. The conduction of spring water is generally less, indicating that presence of low amount of minerals in it.

Both natural mineral and mountain spring water are natural in origin, but mountain spring water may have contaminants in it by geological and physical sources. Natural mineral water from underground source have a benefit over spring water in respect with safe environment.

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