Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits and Chemical characteristics

Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits and Chemical characteristics

Water works wonders inside the Human body. Regular intake of water must be 2-3 liters. It ensures healthy hydration and helps to maintain equilibrium of body water. Natural Mineral Water health benefits and chemical characteristics are must to study in order to understand the benefits in better way. Hence it is considered as one of the best bottled drinking water.

As per FSSAI,-“Waters obtained directly at the source and packaged close to the source; are characterized by the presence of certain mineral salts in relative proportions and trace elements or other constituents. It may be naturally carbonated (with carbon dioxide from the source), carbonated (with added carbon dioxide of another origin), decarbonated (with less carbon dioxide than present in the water at the source so it does not spontaneously give off carbon dioxide under conditions of standard temperature and pressure), or fortified (with carbon dioxide from the source), and non-carbonated (contains no free carbon dioxide)”. For More Details- Click Here.

It’s the physical & chemical characteristics which classifies different Mineral water. One of such characteristic is Mineral composition of Natural Mineral Water classifying it as Sulphate Mineral Waters, Bicarbonate Mineral Waters, Calcium Mineral waters, Chloride Mineral waters, Ferrous Mineral waters, Magnesium rich Mineral Waters, Sodium Mineral Waters and Fluorurate Mineral Waters. Natural Mineral Water Health benefits are on the basis of the mineral composition present in the water.

Characteristics of Natural Mineral Water:

Here are the Natural Mineral Water chemical characteristics & parameters which are must to be followed-

  • From Hydrological & Geological point of view– This involves complete description of Catchment area, the layers through which the water passes, full details of catchment operations.
  • From Microbiological point of View– Absence of all the contamination agents such as Escherichia Coli, fecal streptococci, pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is ensured at the source and in the bottled water.
  • From Physical, Chemical & Physicochemical point of View– It involves the report of all physical & chemical analysis. This will describe the characteristics of Natural Mineral Water. These characteristics involves pH, trace elements, cations & anions (Petraccia L., Liberati G., Masciullo SG. et al) toxicity of elements, dry residues at 180o C, spring’s rate of flow and temperature of water at the source.
  • From Physiological, Pharmacological and clinical effects point of view- Clinical Researches are must to be conducted ensuring benefits and physiological effects of Natural Mineral Water (Rizzo R et al- The new frontiers of Hydrology, 2011).

In 1933, Sica and Marotta in Italy classified waters on the basis of fixed residue, temperature & chemical composition. This scheme included classes & subclasses. They named all mineral water accordingly as per chemical characteristics:

  • Prevalent Anion
  • The Cation
  • Salt Waters
  • Bicarbonate-Sulfate Waters
  • Salty-Sulfate Waters
  • Salt-bromine-iodine waters etc.

Here is the classification of Natural Mineral Water as per European Reference:

  •  Bicarbonate Content > 600 mg/L – Water with Bicarbonates
  • Calcium Content > 150 mg/L – Water with Calcium
  • Chloride Content > 200 mg/L – Water with Chlorides
  • Sulfate Content > 200 mg/L – Water with Sulfate
  • Fluoride Content > 1 mg/L – Water with Fluoride
  • Magnesium Water > 50 mg/L – Water with Magnesium
  • Sodium Content > 200 mg/L – Water With Sodium
  • CO2 Content >200 mg/L – Acid Water

Natural Mineral Water Health benefits and Mineral Content

Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits can be easily identified on the basis of health properties of each mineral. The Italian Geothermal Union investigated the benefits of different minerals present in Natural Mineral Water.

Table: Chemical Characteristics & Health Benefits of Minerals present in Natural Mineral Water.

These properties reveal the Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Water.

Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits & Classification:

Bicarbonate Mineral Waters Benefits

  • To begin with, There are many studies that reveal the health benefits of Bicarbonate Mineral Water on Cardiovascular system. It helps in reducing fasting glucose, total cholesterol and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol by acting as cardio metabolic risk biomarker (Toxqui L et al).
  • Moreover, Sodium-Bicarbonate Waters benefits to decrease LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol, reduction in soluble intercellular adhesion molecule and increase in HDL (High Density Lipoprotein).( Schoppen S et al), (Schoppen S. et al)
  • Furthermore, it also decreases Aldosterone Level and Post Prandial Lipaemia as compared low mineral waters. (Schoppen S et al

All these bicarbonate mineral water benefits ultimately constitutes the endless list of Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits for Human body.

Sulphate Mineral Waters Benefits

  • As far as Sulphate mineral water is concerned, it involves presence of Sulphate as Anion, with different cations. The cations on combination with sulphate improves the properties of the water, as Sodium Sulphate Mineral water and Magnesium Sulphate Mineral water. These two types of Mineral water is beneficial in functional Constipation (Dupont C. et al).
  • Also, Mineral Water rich in Sodium Sulphate and Magnesium Sulphate promotes healthy digestion, stool consistency, improvement of constipation symptoms. Hence, it ultimately improves the overall Bowel Movement (Bothe G et al).
  • Furthermore, Suphate-Calcium-Bicarbonate-Magnesium Mineral Water exerts Cholagogue and choleresis actions, helping in gallbladder hypomotility and correcting the tendency of biliary sludge. (Mennuni G. et al).
  • Sulphate acts as an obligate nutrient for various cellular and metabolic processes especially in growth and development of Fetus. Henceforth, it is a choice of diet in Pregnant Women. (Dawson PA. et al)

 Chloride Mineral Waters Benefits

  • Important to realize, Chloride Mineral water benefits in promoting Healthy Bowel Movement. It stimulates Intestinal Peristalsis along with intestinal secretion of electrolytes and water. (Petraccia L. et al)
  • In fact, It is indicated for hydropinic therapy for diseases associated with gastrointestinal system. (Bortolotti M. et al)
  • Chloride Mineral water also benefits in health problems associated with gastrointestinal system. This is because it possess anti-inflammatory properties. (Evandari MG. et al)

Ferrous Mineral Waters Benefits

  • Markedly, There are two main types of Ferrous Mineral Water, it includes Bicarbonate Ferrous Water (poor in Arsenic & possess haemopoietic properties) and Sulphate-ferric/ferrous water (Arsenic rich & concentrated). Underwritten benefits of these two types of Sulphate water is the long list of Natural Mineral water Health Benefits.
  • Also, Ferrous Mineral water benefits in Iron deficiency Anemia. It helps in treatment of Anemia so recommended for Pregnant Women. (Halksworth G. et al)
  • Furthermore, Ferrous Mineral water benefits in chronic phloglosis of upper respiratory tract. (Marullo T. et al)

Calcium Mineral Waters Benefits

  • To Enumerate, Calcium Rich Mineral Water is vital for skeletal health as it is beneficial to non-skeletal body system, as nervous system, muscle & blood system. (Heaney RP. et al)
  • Furthermore, Bicarbonate Calcium rich Mineral Water benefits in maintaining alkaline environment and improving the acid base balance in the body (Roux S. et al)
  • Along with this, Bicarbonate rich mineral water benefits possess alkalizing power, increases serum & urinary pH, creating optimum temperature for bone mineralization. (Wynn E. et al)
  • Furthermore, regularly drinking calcium rich mineral water helps to improve spine mineral density in women. (Costi et al)
  • Also, on regular intake of Calcium rich mineral water helps to increase femoral bone density. (Aptel I. et al)
  • In addition, Calcium rich mineral water is regarded as “functional food” in respect to the development of bones (European Food safety Agency). These points together constitutes Natural Mineral Water Health Benefits.

Magnesium Mineral Waters Benefits

  • Chiefly, Magnesium rich Mineral Water is helpful in obstetric-gynecologic pathologies, pre-menstrual syndrome, elimaterium, postmenopausal osteoporosis. (Petraccia et al)
  • Additionally, Magnesium sulphate mineral waters benefits in improving bowel function, reduces constipation, improving constipation symptoms. (Bothe G. et al)
  • Also, Sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium-Magnesium rich Mineral water benefits in functional disorders of respiratory tract. High level of Magnesium in Water favors the Oddi spincter relaxation, allowing the bile flowing, finally improving the biliary duct activity. (Mennuni G. et al)
  • Finally, Magnesium rich drinking water benefits in Coronary Heart Diseases. (Jianq L. et al)

Fluorurate Minerals Waters Benefits

  • Although, Fluourate Mineral Water composition has to be low in children but due to its tendency to reduce decay and promote bone mineralization.

Sodium-rich Mineral Waters Benefits

  • To Emphasize, Sodium rich mineral water contain sodium as main cation, and it can associate with different anion. Bicarbonate sodium rich mineral water benefits in Cardiovascular risk in post-menopausal women. (Schoppen S. et al).
  • On the contrary, Sodium-rich Mineral water has some links with Hypertension so it is not recommended in people suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • All these characteristics of Minerals when come together creates the wide range of Natural Mineral Water health benefits enjoyed by the consumers.
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