Naturally Balanced Water from the Himalayan Mountains

Naturally Balanced Water from the Himalayan Mountains

JAL- Natural mineral water sourced directly from the foothills of the Himalayas. The water filters naturally by different layers and strata during its trip through mountains to foothills. During this journey, it incorporates various beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, and bicarbonates providing it with a unique taste. From several years it was kept in the lap of Mother nature, untouched from the external world. It’s the natural treasure which is preserved and naturally balanced mineral water for consumers to utilize. It’s naturally free from contaminants and bacteria.


JAL- Naturally Balanced Mineral Water

With a natural balance of ingredients, it provides health and taste as a bonus to its purity. Its natural balance of minerals makes it beneficial for consumption. As the presence of calcium makes it healthy for your heart and muscles, maintaining the strength and density of bones. Being rich in calcium it can help in preventing post menstrual syndrome and osteoporosis. Magnesium content of this naturally balanced mineral water makes it healthy for keeping up with calcium for muscle strengthening, it may help in metabolizing the energy as well.  It can help in maintaining a healthy heart and keeping your pulse in the normal range.

Presence of sodium mineral can help in maintaining balance in your fluids. Additionally, this mineral can regulate your blood pressure.  Potassium content in JAL can help in regulating the fluid and electrolyte balance, it can also regulate blood pressure in your body. It has chloride content in it, which is good to treat disorders of the digestive system, bile ducts, liver, kidney, and urinary tracts. Moreover, JAL incorporates bicarbonate ions naturally, which makes the water alkaline, proving it helpful in balancing the body pH.

JAL- Filled with Goodness of nature

JAL is naturally balanced mineral water, enriched with these minerals it remains calories free which can help to degrade the fat depots of your body. Especially, all the credit of its advantageous state goes to nature. It meets the quality standards making it valuable to drink. Human body comprises of particular minerals that are essential for the most ideal improvement and execution of human body. An inadequacy of these essential minerals is an irritating situation for the man.  JAL has evolved as a defender in such a threatening situation.

Indeed, this naturally balanced mineral water is like a medicine for filling our deficient mineral depot in the human body. There are vast controversies in the choice of best water for consumption. JAL is a gift of nature, therefore is the best choice for those who are looking for an answer to these. The water bottles up at its source keep its properties undisturbed and are free from any artificial addition of flavors and minerals. In addition to it, its unprocessed water with no artificial pH balancing.

Most noteworthy, every drop of JAL originates from the rain and snowfall that melts down and reaches the foothills by passing through natural layers of filters and dissolving all the goodness it gets from all these layers. JAL is a brand which provides the taste of nature, along with health ensuring the purity and standards.

So, go grab your bottles, quench  your thirst and experience the taste of nature with JAL– Nature Mineral Water. Moreover, It delivers purely, what it has inherited from years.

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