Why does packaged drinking water vary in taste?

Naturally mineral water has different concentrations of minerals in it, depending upon the geology of the source that they come from, which gives natural mineral water a unique taste. Therefore, packaged drinking water varies in taste.

Can I reuse the plastic bottles for storing water?

Design of single-use plastic water bottles are not for re-use. For health and hygiene purpose as well as for consumer safety, therefore, it is not recommendable to re-use the bottles for single use, to storing water for future purposes. However, we can re-use them for other purposes like plantation, drip irrigation etc.

Is it safe to consume packaged drinking water?

The plastic material used to pack naturally mineral water is a composition of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).  However, this material is completely safe for us.

Is there any regulation in Indian markets for selling packaged drinking water?

Yes, it is compulsory for all the manufacturers who set up water processing units, to get their brand certified. The Bureau of India Standards set their validation criteria and every brand needs to fulfill these conditions and gain the ISI mark for their product. Packaged Natural Mineral Water is safe under the regulation number IS: 13428 whereas the Packaged Drinking Water is regulated under IS: 14543 regulation.

What types of approvals are important for setting up packaged drinking water plant?

The following approvals are important for setting up a packaged drinking water plant in India:

  1. Registration of their small scale plant.
  2. ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  3. Pollution control certificate
  4. Water test report from an authorized laboratory of raw water
  5. Pest control certification
  6. Certificates from chemist, microbiologist
  7. Medical certificates for workers
  8. No objection certificate from concerning authority,
  9. Registration of  their trademark
  10. Documents related to ownership of land/lease of land for setting up the plant
  11. Memorandum formed regarding all the partners and companies associates
  12. Electrical supply sanction
  13. Sanctioning their layout plan

What type of information is necessary to mention on the labels of packaged drinking water bottles?

All packaged drinking water bottles must carry the following basic labelling information:

  • Common name,
  • Net quantity,
  • Name and address of the manufacturing company,
  • Nutritional information

The following additional information must be present on the label spring and mineral water:

  • Dissolved mineral salt content,
  • Statement indicating whether addition of ozone or fluoride is there.
  • Description relating the geographic location of the underground source of the water.

The label of packaged drinking water, other than spring or mineral water, must also include a description of any additional treatment the water has been through.

  What types of packaged water are there?

Currently there are two categories in the Food and Drug Regulations. The first one is spring or mineral water, water that originates from an underground source. Source of water itself serves as a packing place and its fit for human consumption. Mineral water generally contains a larger amount of dissolved mineral than spring water. Spring or mineral water do not undergo any artificial treatment that would modify the original composition of the water.

Bottled water that is not spring or mineral water may be from any source and are many goes through many treatments to make it fit for human consumption or to add with some artificial components. Henceforth, the labels must contain the information about these treatments and processes. When the processing of water is by distillation, it must contain a label mentioning the nature of water that is “distilled water”. If addition of carbon dioxide for effervescence, the label must identify the product as “carbonated water”. When use of method other than distillation to reduce its dissolved mineral content, the product must be identified as “demineralized water”.

Why natural mineral water is on top in the category of packaged drinking waters?

All over the world, natural mineral waters are first choice due to their purity and natural source. As, they rise from the depths of underground, which are free from geological and physical contaminants; assuring ultimate purity is, along with constant natural content of minerals. However, they do not allow the monitoring of quality and any procedures to improve the chemical or microbiological quality. Therefore, it is free from any mechanical and chemical process, so gaining popularity day by day.

What is the reason for greater popularity of packaged drinking water and especially, natural mineral water?

Packaged drinking water is gaining popularity day by day. On one hand, this phenomenon is due to greater awareness of the polluted living environment and, consequently, of the effect on drinking water or tap water quality, and on the other hand, of better awareness of healthy diet and greater care for health.

However, Natural mineral waters is a smartest choice of all: they meet the highest standards within the category of packaged drinking water. These are an extraordinary combination of water and minerals present in water. Along with its purity, it has tremendous health benefits which makes it fit and best for consumption.

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