Are packaged mineral water and mineral water the same?

Are packaged mineral water and mineral water the same?

With the growing industrialization, the population has entered our lives to an extent where we can’t ignore it. Those beautiful days are no longer in existence, where we use to drink water directly from our taps without worrying about getting ill due to some water-borne diseases.  Today, tap water is no longer safe for drinking. That is why many people in India and in different parts of the world now prefer drinking packaged mineral water despite being more expensive than tap water.

Packaged Mineral Water

Packaged Mineral Water

Packaged drinking water is a drinking water that has been sourced out by packaged drinking water plant from a spring water, well, or drilled water source. After the process of sourcing out, the water fills in either plastic or glass water bottles and then sealed to ensure it remains highly portable and safe for drinking.

Now, the question arises why do we need to pack this natural water? The water sources are located at appropriate places and everyone cannot reside next to these sources. But, all being the part of the same earth, have the right to enjoy the benefits of natural gifts. The water packaging units make this thing possible by sourcing out the water from natural sources. They make it available to everyone out there and ensures the safe handling and transport of water by sealing this universal solvent into bottles and make it travel long ways. With this advancement, even the city people can taste the Himalayan treasure in form of natural mineral water at their doorsteps.

What this packaged water beholds?

As we all know drinking water and staying hydrated is very essential, but what is the reason for focusing on mineral water? Why are these packaging units bottling the natural mineral water? Natural world itself creates an idea of purity that resides in it. Let’s get to know what this bottled water beholds.

The natural mineral water, as the name suggests is rich in minerals. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and many more are present inside these bottles. In addition to its taste, these minerals also contribute to many beneficial effects. Starting with the health benefits- It is free of calories and sugar and helps in the processing of fat in our body. It hampers the generation of bad cholesterol in the body.

These minerals play important role in the electrolytic balance of the human brain and body. This electrolytic adjust is exceptionally fundamental for the upkeep of pulse in people. These minerals help in reinforcing the teeth, bones against any harm. They also increment in mental readiness and hampers mental exhaustion and torpidity. Along with hydration, this water helps to keep your skin glowing and hair healthy by the alkalinity of this natural water. It retains the wellness of the cardiovascular as well as a nervous system of your body.

Along with the health benefits, it has uniqueness in its taste due to the presence of these minerals in it.  Moreover, these minerals also contribute to the alkalinity of water, which helps to regulate the pH of our body. But, all packed bottles are not.

Choose Wisely

How to choose your packaged mineral water? There are uncountable brands available in market. But to be safe you need to be smart enough to use your educated minds. Every product that holds the standards and quality is certified with the high grade certifications. While choosing, keep in mind to check the contents of water along with its certifications and pH. Quench your thirst with natural mineral water, anywhere around the country with this natural, unprocessed water. So grab your bottles and enjoy the fresh taste of natural treasures which contributes to your healthy lifestyle and satisfies your thirst. This is the one product that’s true to its name- JAL Natural Mineral Water.

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