Regular water undergoes various processes which make it acidic in nature. But the acidic pH is a condition in which bacteria, viruses grow more and make our bodies more prone to bacterial infections. Whereas, natural mineral water is alkaline in nature which makes it favorable for our body. The alkaline pH is most optimum for the proper functioning of the body.

Water is an elixir of life

Water is an elixir of life but depending on the source and processing, its nature and composition vary. Natural mineral water comes from natural sources such as springs or wells. It is naturally rich in minerals and meets all the quality standards without any processing. The packaging of natural mineral water occurs close to its source. Whereas regular water can be water from any source like groundwater, purified water, tap water, etc. It needs several treatments and processings like disinfection, filtration, U.V processes, osmosis, etc.

Several studies show that minerals present in water are easier for the body to absorb than those present in food. All these minerals contribute to health to a large extent. Water which is pure is not necessarily healthy. To be healthy the water needs the presence of some optimum conditions like minerals, alkaline pH, etc. Natural mineral water enjoys the benefit of being pure along with its health benefits.

It passes through the various layers of earth and undergoes filtration naturally. In addition to it, it dissolves whatever comes in its path and contributes to our health when we consume it. Natural mineral water is free from any external impurities because it runs under at a certain depth making it free from external contamination. It contains certain minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates, etc.

Natural mineral water is healthier than regular bottled water in terms of its nature, taste, mineral content, health benefits, cost, etc.

Naturally Pure

Regular water is water from any source which needs proper treatment before selling to the consumers. The process of distillation and osmosis results in the elimination of compounds which are present in water by boiling it at a temperature where solid contents stay down and water molecules evaporate. But certain volatile components are also present in water which evaporates at a temperature lower than that of water. In osmosis, the quantity of water stays which leads to wastage of water to a certain level.

The presence of certain chemicals like pesticides may pose a problem and stays back in water even after distillation. Opposite to the above situation mineral water is pure and safe naturally. It is untouched from any external impurity. It is completely safe for drinking.

Rich mineral content than regular water

Regular water is water from any source, therefore, it needs to go through various treatments. Processes like distillation and reverse osmosis lead to the removal of certain essential minerals along with the impurities. The presence of minerals is essential for health and regular body functions. Natural mineral water is rich in mineral contents like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. which have their own individual health benefits.

Health benefits

The health benefits of natural mineral water are very high which makes it more preferable than the regular water. Loss of minerals leads to various deficiency conditions like cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure fluctuation, decreasing bone density, neurodegenerative disorders, skin disorders and many more. The presence of these minerals makes the natural mineral water worthy of consumption. Opposite to it, the regular mineral water is not a source of any such mineral.


Regular water undergoes various costly treatments like osmosis and distillation. The processing of water requires various costly equipment like distillation unit, U.V’s, etc. whereas natural mineral water does not require any such processings and is naturally pure.

Natural mineral water has such tremendous benefits over the regular bottled water which makes the natural mineral water a beverage of choice. Finally, the natural mineral water proves to be the more worthy choice over natural mineral water.

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