Can you drink soda water if you have kidney stones?

Can you drink soda water if you have kidney stones?

Soda Water and kidney stones: Kidney stones, if you had one, you can completely feel it from the name itself. The helpless agony it creates makes you aware of recommendations and restrictions that are necessary for preventing kidney stones. Prevention of this painful situation isn’t that difficult but you need to be careful with your daily dietary intake. To prevent kidney stones we need to learn the reason behind the formation of it and relation of soda water and kidney stones.

Uric acid, oxalates, and calcium, these three names are the main culprits, when present in higher amounts leas to the formation of kidney stones. Unhealthy eating habits, dehydrated bodies and health-compromising situations like diabetes, obesity etc. may increase the risk of kidney stones.

What to take and avoid in kidney stones.


  1. An oxalate-rich diet including sweet potatoes, nuts, chocolates, tea etc.
  2. Salts- avoid foods with added salts, like those of soda water with added iodized salts.
  3. Sugar intake- Limit your fructose intake which elevates the risk of kidney stones.
  4. Animal protein also leads to increase risks of forming kidney stones. These include meat, fish, eggs etc.
  5. Alcohol dehydrates your body and increases uric acid levels. Therefore, large intake is not good for health.


  1. A lot of water content like fruits and vegetable with rich water content.
  2. Potassium-rich diet is also an effective way to combat this situation. Potassium-rich food like apples, banana, carrot, peach etc.
  3. Drinking more and more water and avoid dehydration.
  4. Low sodium diet or limiting salt intake.
  5. Exercise regularly to keep the body fit and free from excess of calories.

Relation of soda water and kidney stones

Soda drinking is directly in relation with kidney stones. Soda water contains phosphoric acid in them which decreases the pH of your urine and therefore elevate the risk of stones formation.

Another risk that soda water have is the presence of sugars. Sugars interfere with absorption of minerals in our body. Calcium processing is hampered by a large number of sugars in the body. Large quantities of calcium can result in deposition and formation of stones in kidneys. Sugar is also responsible for excessive fat deposition on our body which further leads to elevation of factors causing stone formation in kidneys.

Factors responsible for kidney stones

  1. Low calcium intake may be a factor responsible for kidney stone formation.
  2. High oxalate contents in foods like spinach may elevate your chances of getting kidney stones.
  3. Excessive salt intake which in turn increases the sodium content in the body leading to kidney related disorders and kidney stone formation.
  4. Low citrate content in food, citrate is helpful to fight the risk of kidney stones.
  5. Drinking beverages like soda water which have the artificial addition of salts or sugars in them, as fructose is a leading cause of kidney stones.
  6. Dehydration is the prime reason for forming stones in your kidneys.
  7. Inflammatory bowel disorders may elevate situations which increases the formation of stones in your kidneys.
  8. Obesity is a condition that acts as a mother to every to disease. It affects all the body functioning’s, therefore worsen every small problem.

Most effective preventions

  1. Drinking a sufficient quantity of water is first and foremost preventive measure for kidney stones. Stay hydrated to avoid kidney stones.
  2. Also, Maintain proper body weight.
  3. furthermore, Increase intake of dairy product and bring it to an appropriate level to avoid calcium deficiency.

Drinking soda water may lead to the formation of kidney stones due to sugars and salt content present in the, therefore try switching your flavored killer with natural mineral water. It will help you avoid the situation like calcium deficiency and keep you hydrated also. Hydration and Health are the foremost benefits of natural mineral water. So, drink natural mineral water, and stay away from the problem of kidney stones.

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