What is the difference between soda water and mineral water ?

What is the difference between soda water and mineral water ?

Why choose mineral water over soda water

Indeed, it’s a fact that the water-soluble minerals are easily absorbable by the body than that of minerals present in food or mineral supplements. Especially, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are present in natural mineral water in noticeable amount, are helpful for proper functioning of the body including maintenance of bones, contraction of muscles, cognitive work frame, preventing neuro-degenerative disorders and regulating heartbeat to keep it in a steady pace.  Most noteworthy, all these minerals are present in natural mineral water rather than soda water.

Better digestion

Soda water is drink with carbon dioxide in it, causes digestion problems such as belching, ache, flatulence and some highly severe digestive disorders like Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and high chances of constipation when its intake is higher than normal level. In contrast, natural mineral water is completely opposite to soda water. On regular consumption, it improves the symptoms of indigestion. Henceforth, natural mineral water improves your digestion.

Antioxidant potential

Sulfites, also mark their presence in considerable amounts in natural mineral water. These sulphites change into sulphate inside our body. Sulphates act as potent antioxidants. Therefore, sulfates are essential for attaining appropriate acid levels in the stomach.

Keep pulse in place

However, sometimes bicarbonates and salts are present in soda waters to add the drink with a distinctive taste. However, these unhealthy ingredients add nothing to your health but may do more bad than good. As a result, these soda waters actually elevate our sodium intake because of salts present in them. Therefore, elevation in levels of sodium harms you by increasing your blood pressure and leading to hypertension.


Alkaline pH is good for the body as bacteria and virus require an acidic medium for their growth. Natural mineral water unlike that of soda water maintains a higher pH of the body. In addition to it, alkaline pH also plays a vital role in the leaching of toxins and prevent their accumulation in the body. Natural mineral water eliminates toxic substances and waste out of our body and provide nutrients in place. Therefore, the daily consumption of natural mineral water is important for our bodies to work effectively and efficiently.

What is the difference between mineral water and soda water?
Key points
Soda Water
Mineral water
  1. Source
Soda water is known by different names such as carbonated water or sparkling water, is plain water collected from any source. Water from wells, taps or treated water we utilize for household deeds. Above all, its water into which carbon dioxide is added.Mineral water is water that comes from underground sources- wells or spring water. It travels from mountaintop to foothills. Above all,  mineral water is natural water which is bottled at the source from where it comes.
2.      Treatments
It undergoes artificial processes to add carbon dioxide into it. This water is available in markets or we can make it at home as well.Natural mineral water undergoes natural processing by different layers of earth depending on the geological structure of the source it passes by. There are no human interferences in natural mineral water processing.Traditionally, natural mineral waters would be consumed at their source. In modern times, it is common that these natural mineral waters are bottled at their source and then distributed for consumption by mankind.


3.      Composition
It usually contains a small proportion of a number of salts. Due to the addition of these salts, it makes soda water slightly salty in taste, which in the past was made by “charging” a refillable seltzer bottle by filling it with water and then passing carbon dioxide into it.Mineral water is water containing minerals or other soluble contents that enhances its taste and add it with beneficial health benefits. Moreover, nutritional content like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride etc. are the substances that may be present in the water.
4.      Taste
The taste of soda water may be distinctive. Furthermore, the addition of some salts or artificial additives during its processing provides a slightly salty taste to soda water.It’s unique in taste by the presence of rich mineral contents in balanced quantities, Its natural and fresh taste make it a liquid of choice for many nature lovers.
5.      Cost
Due to the heavy process of carbonation, the cost of soda water may rise above the natural mineral water.Due to its pure state and natural contents, natural mineral water is more beneficial drink and may be expensive than soda water
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