Taste of water –minerals, the taste providers

Taste of water –minerals, the taste providers

The water has an extraordinary feature that it reflects different natural flavors. Flavor is a sense that differs other five sense, as it is a combination of taste and smell. Depending upon the source, it tastes differently. It dissolves everything that comes in its contact, creating a different taste. It’s all because of minerals in different quantities, they are the taste providers that water grabs on its journey.

Tastes of water

There are four types of tastes basically: that are salty, sweet, sour and bitter taste. There are also a variety of odor types including earthy, moldy, chlorine like chemical etc. Taste and odor both go hand in hand to decide the actual flavor.

Taste Providers

Depending on the source and condition of the conveying pipes, Water delivers different tastes. First of all, focusing the tap water which may be rich in iron, or continuously floods with corrosive substances in its flow through old funnels and pipes, its metallic in taste. Presence of some unacceptable algae leads to a grassy and stinky taste. Most taste and odors in surface water are organic and result from the presence of algae blooms. Pollution from domestic waste influences the algae growth, run-off from fertilizer, and animal, domestic, and industrial waste.  Although harmless, this material can affect the taste and smell of your drinking water even at very low concentrations.

Also, some accidental materials in the open sources on water may lead to bitter and unacceptable taste. Oily taste is a result of water pollutants like surfactants and chemicals. In addition, degradation of the organic matters presents leads to the elimination of methane gas which produces a garlic-like taste and another danger that arises due to the presence of gases is that they may be explosive.

Especially, In case of industrial deposits in water, the consumer will not be able to identify the exact chemical that is causing the problem but instead reports a specific type of taste, such as metallic taste or an obnoxious taste as that of medicines. Phenols and phenolic substances are often the sources of the medicinal taste. The phenolic tastes get intensify by the addition of chlorine for bleaching of water. When chlorine reacts with organic matter it deteriorates the taste and odor of water. This is an immediate health threat.

Naturally balanced minerals- The taste providers

We cannot ignore all these taste destroyers. Henceforth, natural mineral water is a healthy alternative for it. Natural mineral water is rich in minerals and its natural balance produces a uniqueness in its taste. The perfect balance of minerals provides a flat taste to water. This flat water is generally not a choice for those who are regularly consuming the carbonated waters but they are unknown of the fact that excess of it can pose a problem to them.

Natural mineral water balances itself with presence of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides and bicarbonates. Furthermore, the balanced quantity provides the pure taste with alkaline pH which nourishes your health. Many artificial additions in mineral water are done and marketed in country, but these processed waters undergo various artificial processing’s like electrolysis or ionization. This artificial addition of minerals cannot mimic the taste of natural water.  Nature preserves and protects this water in its layers deep down the earth. These layers filters it naturally and prevent it from getting in touch with any man made processes and protect it from environmental pollution as well.

Most noteworthy, natural mineral water protects your health also, rather than just providing taste. Natural mineral water is healthy for your heart, brain, muscles, hairs, skin and no part is unmarked by benefits of natural mineral water. Minerals are the natural taste providers, therefore good taste provider’s means making natural mineral water, our choice of water.  Carrying your health along with the taste is a smart decision. Switch to natural mineral water, make your smart move.

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