Tasty unhealthy drinks-bad effects of soft drinks

Tasty unhealthy drinks-bad effects of soft drinks

A cultural shift is destroying the healthy habits of our youngsters to a great extent. Especially, tasty unhealthy drinks habit are more common in today’s youth. Fruits and juices are old fashions for these new trend followers. Despite the fact that these soft drinks are injurious to our health, people are consuming them to a large extent. Therefore, the present review provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of soft drinks on human health and suggesting a need to avoid tasty unhealthy drinks.

Tasty unhealthy drinks


Obesity is a serious public health problem world over, which is associated with high mortality and a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, stroke, dyslipidemia, osteoarthritis and certain cancers. The major dietary factors positively associated with the probability of developing childhood obesity include increased consumption of soft drinks, fat, oils and sodium. The most frequently encountered barriers in the management of obesity include consumption of fast food and soft drinks. In conclusion, the heavy intake of soft drinks changes calorie intake and can cause people to overeat more and more, with their body craving more and more sugar.


While it may taste refreshing, but the presence of sugars and sodium in high amounts and caffeine content in soda make it a dehydrating drink for the body. While regular consumption of these sugary drinks can lead to excessive dehydrating conditions which serve as a serious issue.

Artificial Sweeteners 

Moreover, In soft drinks, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar and can actually be more harmful. It connects to almost about a hundred different kinds of health problems including conditions like brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, seizures and emotional distress. Finally, It leads to conversion of methanol when the temperature rises, it breaks down into formaldehyde or formic acid. In addition, they also promote the episodes of metabolic syndrome which leads to aggravation of factors such as excess fat on belly, high blood glucose levels, and high cholesterol levels.

Heart diseases

Many soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners like- fructose, which is linked to enhancing risks of metabolic disorders. It is a condition which associates with elevated chances of occurrence of elevated blood glucose levels and cardiac irregularities.

Kidney disorders

Soft drinks contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which shows a link with conditions like kidney calculi and other renal problems.


Preservatives added to preserve these soft drinks reduce the availability of minerals and may elevate chances of asthma, urticaria etc.

Decreases Bone density

Soft drinks deplete calcium from your bones. Due to the presence of phosphoric acid, which associates with bone breakdown, they deplete your mineral stores. It leads to decreased bone density and bone strength. Moreover, increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Dental problems

Elevated levels of sugar (glucose, fructose, and sucrose), sweeteners and some additives in soft drinks can cause buildup bacteria that feed on them. Henceforth, the result of their presence in our mouths is the appearance of plaques, which leads to the appearance of gum disease and cavities.


Those who enjoy soft drinks often, due to high sugar intake they develop a higher risk of diabetes.

Carcinogenic nature

Beverages with ascorbic acids and potassium can react to form benzene in presence of light. It depicts carcinogenic nature.

Stomach problems

Phosphoric acid also interferes with our digestion system, preventing regular processes of stomach acids, slowing digestion and blocking nutrient absorption.


In some extreme cases, consumers which are addicted to a craving for soft drinks manages to severely destabilize their metabolism by dangerously reducing their potassium levels.

Changes in metabolism

Some studies have shown that regular drinkers of soft drinks can increase their risk of metabolic disorders. Moreover, some of the symptoms are belly fat, higher cholesterol, heart disease and more.

Indeed, all these effects drift our mind from taste towards health. Drinks are important for our live hood but no drink can replace water. Natural mineral water is the best suitable alternative for satisfying your thirst and staying healthy. Try avoid these tasty tasty unhealthy drinks, as a regular drink and opt the better alternative- Natural mineral water. Let, Taste and health go hand in hand.

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