Top 6 Ways to make Water Taste Better

Top 6 Ways to make Water Taste Better

Water is Life itself and has a unique taste. Sometimes drinking plain water turns monotonous and our tongue craves for water with a different taste. Here are few ways to make water taste better, ultimately making your hydration process fun.

Top 6 Ways to make Water Taste Better

  1. Try Fruit Infused water

Fruit flavors are one of the best ways to make water taste better and tempt the taste buds. Citrus fruits are classic water enhancers, hence oranges and lemons are one of the best options.

Add slices of fresh watermelon, blackberry, blueberry, pear, apple, peach or raspberries in your water. You may also try cardamom, cinnamon, jalapeno, mint, lavender, basil as well for refreshing flavors.

  1. Add a splash of Juice

Juices also help to add flavor to your drinking water. All juice flavors work but some delicious flavors include pomegranate, apple, cranberry, and grape. Prefer juices with no added sugars. Fruits and their juices not only taste good but they also benefit health as they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

  1. Go for Herbal Tea/Green Tea

Green Tea, herbal tea, white tea, fruit tea, pu’erh, yerba mate, rooibos, peppermint tea, chamomile tea and ginger tea are some beneficial choices. Besides these flavors, there are many exotic and sophisticated teas available in the market. These are considered over black tea because of little or no caffeine.

  1. Experiment with Sparkling Water

Bubbly water is an effective alternative, In case you looking for something new, try sparkling water. You may also add flavors to carbonated water by adding lemon, mint etc. Carbonated water is the best choice if you are a mojito lover.

  1. Put bouillons, broths, and consommés to test

Soups also count toward daily fluid intake as they are water-based. These are palatable if you love the savory taste.

Another key point, prefer low sodium & fat version for maximal benefits.

  1. Flavored Ice cubes

Many prefer ice water over water at room temperature for drinking. The main reason is the better taste. For ice water lovers, time to experiment. Get creative with ice.

Here are some flavoring & creative ways to make water taste better. Not only this, it gives a colorful appearance to the drinking water.

Go for cucumber, mint and fresh fruit ice cubes.

Above all, making flavored ice cubes is not a rocket science at all. Just choose the fruit of your choice, chop it and simply add it to ice cube tray along with water and freeze. You may also try the same thing with juice, tea, and coffee.

Try these ways to make water taste better, you will love them for sure.

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