Carbonated water- Unhealthy trendsetter

Carbonated water- Unhealthy trendsetter

Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, is a compound made of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. Artificial carbonation of beverages is the result of the dissolution of carbon dioxide into liquid under high pressure, when this pressure releases it leads to the development of bubbles in the liquid. Carbonated beverages due to the presence of carbon dioxide, produce carbonic acid. Due to the formation of this carbonic acid, these drinks are acidic in nature. High acidity levels are the common concern with these beverages. The risk of loss of calcium and magnesium from our bones due to a change in the body’s pH levels occurs due to high acidity. Therefore, carbonated water is an unhealthy trendsetter.

Carbonated water- Unhealthy trendsetter

Dental Problems

A very common concern with carbon dioxide in water is its impact on your teeth. In order to make a drink with bubbles, manufacturers do the addition of carbon dioxide under pressure, instantly making the drink acidic.  Addition of Different acids to these drinks is also a problem. Phosphoric acid gives beverages a characteristic tangy or sour flavor to balance the sweetness and to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.  Other acids often added include citric acid from oranges, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from apples as well as ascorbic and carbonic acids.  As a result, these beverages are highly acidic which can cause a softening of tooth enamel, especially in children and adolescents, resulting in dental caries.

Calcium deterioration

Carbonated water decreases calcium in your bones, thereby decreasing the bone density and leading to various bone related disorders like osteoporosis.

Weight gain

While bubbled water may contain some added flavors or enhancers. These may contain additional salts, additional flavors, natural or artificial acids,  sweetening agents, and other additives. All of these can have extra calories along with sodium content in it. Also, these additives can lead to cavities and weight gain over time.

Digestive issues and inflammatory bowel syndrome

Whereas digestive problems are concerned, the sparkling water is the clear contraindication for those with a sensitive stomach. It can make the excess gastric acid and irritated stomach mucus conditions worse. Drinking carbonated water may lead to issues of indigestion like bloating. Hereby, leading to Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, if you are a regular consumer of carbonated beverages or sensitive to these drinks.

Lack of nutrients

In spite of all the health issues it has, people use it often. They have no nutritional value. There are no beneficial effects of soda instead lays a negative impact on health.

Carbonated water – Unhealthy trendsetter

Carbonated water may not necessarily act in the way but it can never be a substitute for normal mineral water. Trend setters of carbonated water are unknown with the fact, that natural mineral water helps to keep you hydrated. In addition to hydration it has many health benefits which cannot be ignored. While choosing carbonated water over natural mineral water, one should take some time to consider the wellness of the two liquids. Carbonated beverages can be unhealthy trendsetters but they are not the health providers.

Keeping health in mind, one should decide after knowing the pros and cons of water they are drinking. Finally, from the above statements it’s clear that carbonated water are carbonated water- Unhealthy trendsetter which may have some health issues. Therefore, one should think twice before making it a habit.

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