How many times a day should you wash face?

How many times a day should you wash face?

Wash Face, no less than an ornament to humans, especially females. We apply many costly cosmetics to safeguard our skin. But, we fail to realize some important aspects which are essential for our face. To remove dust and dirt particles, we often wash face.  The frequency of washing is an important point which stays hidden behind our ignorance.

How many times?

In general terms- it is an advice to wash face twice a day. On a morning, when you wake up your face is full of dead cells that shed during the night while you were in your beauty sleep. So, washing face in morning is necessary to remove these dead cells. Next time to wash face, as advised by experts is night time. The time before you are heading toward your bed, don’t forget to wash your face. It’s crucial to wash face at night, as for removal of dust and dirt particles that stick to your skin throughout the day. Increasing pollution is critical for your face health as it contaminates your skin and your skin loses its shine and glow. It may lead to many bacterial infections and acne problems.

Oily skin

Different skin types need a different type of care and concern. If you have oily skin, it’s beneficial to wash face at least twice a day. In morning, when you wake up and at night before going to sleep. In the case of dry skin, this frequency needs alteration. Washing one time will be sufficient for those with sensitive and dry skin. This is because over washing can lead to irritation and loss of your oils that your face secretes naturally. Washing once during the night will be enough by splashing plain water on the face. Dry skin needs extra care which can be in the form of special attention like moisturizing and toning after washing face.

Sportsman skin

The second case is if you are an athlete or a person with a physical workout routine, you need to keep some points in mind. When you sweat your skin pores get clogged by sweating. Furthermore, these clogs will finally take the form of blackheads. Blackheads need some special essential to keep your face clean and clear. Therefore, washing your face after the physical workload is a necessary condition, which should be your prime concern otherwise it may expose you to certain bacterial diseases. Some extra points for consideration include- keeping a hand towel which is clean to clean your face and avoid bacterial load. Using dirty cloth or towel may do harm to your face. Cleansing after every time you do a workout is the must.

Bag packers skin

Another case is if you are a travel person. People who travel very often need to keep a regular check on their skin to avoid acne and bacterial infections. To keep your face free from dirt accumulation and acne problems, drink water regularly and wash your face at small intervals.

Makeup lovers

Moving onto the next, people who use makeups as their daily routine try washing your face twice before sleeping. Removing makeup is the aim of your first wash. Second wash is what actually cleans your skin and remove dust particles. To maintain the natural conditions of the skin and keep your skin healthy avoid using heavy makeup as your day to day routine.

Highly sensitive skin

Another one is acne prone people. People who suffer from acne, need not wash face again and again. Acne is not necessarily due to dirt and dust accumulation. There are many distinct reasons for it. For acne prone people it is better to avoid touching and bursting of pimples.

Make it your routine

  1. Use warm water to wash face
  2. Use fingertips to massage the cleanser on all over the face.
  3. Try washing face at least two times a day, especially at night.
  4. Wash it every time after sweating.
  5. Use face products with no alcohol content in them, as alcohol can produce skin irritation
  6. Dry your face with a soft towel gently.
  7. Avoid scrubbing of your skin.
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