• Hidden Treasure
    from Pristine Himalayas

  • Natural Mineral Water Journey From The Foothills Of Himalayas

    Torque’s JAL Natural Mineral Water journey began in 2017. It is a brand of esteemed Indian company Torque Pharmaceuticals. Torque Pharmaceuticals initiated its expedition in 1985. Since then Torque grew at an incredible pace and has positioned itself as a leading pharmaceutical company globally. Through quality medicines, Torque offers healthcare solutions not only nationwide but also in many developing countries.

    After establishing in the pharmaceutical domain through renowned brands like Torex Cough Syrup, U-B Fair, No Scars, etc., Torque decided to come up with a product for maintaining good health throughout. This is from where Torque’s JAL-Natural Mineral Water voyage started.

    JAL Natural Mineral Water journey commenced from the foothills of Himalayas. From there, following all the essential parameters such as wellness of vital organic minerals, untouched & unprocessed, bottled at the source, alkaline pH & appropriate TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), etc., JAL came into being. Furthermore, through Torque’s JAL “Natural Mineral Water” Torque marked the company’s inaugural in the beverage sector. From the pious land of Himalaya, the pristine water keeps filtering over the years. It passes through various layers of mountainous strata during these years. Finally, assimilating a variety of natural minerals advantageous for health. Henceforth, “JAL” is then bottled at the source, at a state-of-the-art facility, by maintaining its natural composition. This is the entire story describing Torque’s JAL.

    Sunny Leone, a globally renowned celebrity is the brand ambassador of Torque’s JAL. She too believes in the concept of Live Natural and enjoys living close to nature. Moreover, Natural Mineral Water is an integral part of her daily diet as she says “Kyunki JAL hi Jiwan hai”. Talking about JAL, Sunny Leone said, “Water is extremely important for our survival. Water is not merely for quenching thirst but it’s a part of our daily diet. Water provides essential minerals for better health. And, Natural Mineral Water is naturally blessed with all minerals which nourish our body.”

    I drink JAL-Natural Mineral Water. What about YOU?

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