• Hidden Treasure
    from Pristine Himalayas

  • Why Jal?

    JAL-Natural Mineral Water Is Procured From 1500 Feet Deep Virgin Canal From The Foothills Of Himalayas. Water Descends Down Over Mountains And Rock, Flowing For More Than 20 Years, Imbibing Naturally Existing Organic Minerals. The Confined Layers Of Rock Guard The Virgin Canal From The External Environment. The Water Is Bottled At The Source To Keep It Free From Human Contact, Till The Cap Is Unscrewed. JAL-Natural Mineral Water Is Naturally Protected From Pollutants By Layers Of Rocks.

    The Himalayas, Where Purity And Serenity Meet And Nature Craft Life With Uniqueness And Positivity. Derived From Sanskrit Word “Himalaya”; “Hima” Means Snow, “Laya” Means Abode Meaning Abode Of Snow. This Snow Melts And Picks Up Minerals From The Geological Formation Of This Pious Land. Finally, It Gets Filtered By Passing Through The Layers Of Rock, Soil & Clay. From Leaving The Virgin Canal To Quenching Your Thirst, JAL Maintains Its Purity & Taste. Consequently, This Assures That You Are Drinking Water In Its Purest Form, From The Lap Of Ultimate Perfectionist-NATURE.

    From Leaving The Virgin Canal To Quenching Your Thirst, JAL Maintains Its Purity & Taste. Consequently, This Assures That You Are Drinking Water In Its Purest Form, From The Lap Of Ultimate Perfectionist-NATURE. All In All, The Presence Of Natural Minerals, Electrolytes And Alkaline PH Gives JAL-Natural Mineral Water, It’s Unique, Soft And Smooth Taste. In Essence, Being Rich In Calcium, Bicarbonates, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, JAL-Natural Mineral Water Carries With It The Ancient Blessings Of Nature I.E Natural Health. Brought To You By Nature, Bottled At The Source By Us.

    Mineral Water Bottled At The Source

    Natural Mineral Water, Bottled At The Source, Untouched By Human, JAL Is Straight Away From The Hidden Treasure Of Pristine Himalayas. Hence, Its Taste Is Unique & Distinctive. JAL – Natural Mineral Water Has Crisp & Smooth Taste Making It Gets Paired Up With Almost All Type Of Food And Liked By People With Varied Taste Buds. So JAL Is Far Greater Than Mere Quenching Your Thirst, It Is Naturally Enriched With Organic Minerals. Altogether, It Is A Perfect Blend Of Health & Quirky Taste.

    The Taste Of JAL-Natural Mineral Water Comes From The Purity Of Water Offered By The Himalayas With The Blend Of Natural Minerals. The Alkaline PH Makes JAL Best Suited For Your Body. Thereupon, JAL Acts As Fuel For Your Body By Replenishing System And Nourishing Inside Out.

    Vital Natural Minerals

    Almighty has blessed mankind with Water (JAL) and the Himalayas is the prime source for its purest form. JAL-Natural Mineral Water contains dissolved minerals like Calcium, Bicarbonates, Magnesium, Sodium, Chlorides, and Potassium. Also, JAL has the most balanced alkaline pH, suitable for your body. Even more, the bicarbonates present renders, a hint of sweet aftertaste.
    JAL contains minerals that exist in nature itself. Also, there is no artificial addition of minerals. Furthermore, Zero Calories makes it the first choice for fitness conscious people.

    The Natural Source

    JAL-Natural Mineral Water, crafted by our very own Natural Therapist-Nature. By and large, JAL is straight away from the foothills of Himalayas so every sip makes you feel oneness with nature. JAL-Natural Mineral Water, after traveling through the permeable soil, rock and clay, in a very poised manner makes its way to an underground aquifer. Furthermore, the clay layer protects our source from pollutants. This prevents the entry of microorganisms and man-made contaminants in water. During this entirely natural process, the water assimilates and carries with it essential minerals, hence it holds a unique and smooth taste before reaching the underground reservoir. We thrive to bring the “Essence of Nature” in every bottle, as Natural Mineral Water is more than just water.

    Untouched & Unprocessed

    JAL, holy from its name itself symbolizes purity. Keeping in mind the same, our product JAL came into existence. So, Every sip of JAL has the taste of pristine as it comes directly from the foothills of Himalayas. Furthermore, untouched & unprocessed, the catchment area of JAL-Natural Mineral Water is completely pollution-free. Hence, water retains its original & natural taste. Each drop of JAL-Natural Mineral Water moves slowly through layers of permeable soil, rock, and clay. This keeps the water naturally pure and micro-organism free. Another, to ensure purity, after drawing water from the protected source, it undergoes a series of filtration without disturbing its inherent mineral composition. The purity Himalayas holds for water is unique. Therefore, every sip of JAL offers a smooth taste & mouthfeel.

    JAL’s Fact Sheet

    For A Healthy Lifestyle, Along With Balanced Food & Diet, The Human Body Also Needs To Be Balanced In Terms Of Minerals. As A Result, It Helps To Perform Routine Functions Efficiently And Maintain The Chemistry Of The Body.

    Mineral Composition (Mg/100ml)

    • pH = 7.6 : TDS 255-275
    • Calcium 6.0
    • Bicarbonate 24.4
    • Magnesium 0.8
    • Sodium 3.1
    • Chloride 2.8
    • Potassium 0.3
    PET bottles (BPA Free)
    JAL has thumbs up approval of FSSAI, BIS Available in sizes
    200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000ml.
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