Water contains no calories and is incredible for your well-being in different ways. The measure of water you require is reliant on body weight. For a grown-up, about eight glasses of 2-3 litres are necessary, in a calm atmosphere, with an inactive way of life. One who works out in the sun requires more than sitting in an air-conditioning room and working. On a hot day, the water needs may be significant than on regular days. In heavy workouts and physical exercises, you need to be extra alert to maintain your hydration levels and avoid dehydration.

Drink more water

We lose water naturally in various ways: urine, sweat, defecation, and notwithstanding relaxing! Regardless of whether you are resting, water is being devoured by your body’s capacities.

Dress according to the climate

On the off chance that it’s a hot, sunny day, wear lighter clothes. Dress up for the summer season, and heavy sun needs lightweight and light-shaded apparel that covers your body and protects your skin from the sun. Try using sunscreen creams, umbrellas, summer hats and other preventive measures to avoid direct sunlight from causing sunburn, heat exhaustion, etc.

Water intervals for a sportsperson

The person who indulges in heavy workouts and strenuous exercises needs to take extra care regarding their water intake. Small intervals or water breaks are necessary for the person to maintain hydration. Overexertion is also a common problem for athletes and sportspersons. Therefore, to eliminate the condition, water intake after frequent intervals is mandatory.

Keep in mind the symptoms to avoid dehydration.

  • Increased thirst- Dehydration promotes increasing thirst, as the body shows the shortage of water and the need for fluid in the form of thirst.
  • Fatigue- Shortage of water in the body leads to weakness, low energy levels, and fatigue. The feeling of burden or exertion is the primary sign of dehydration.
  • Feeling sleepy- A person’s alertness and attentiveness hamper when fluids are less than the normal levels per the body’s demand.
  • Dryness of skin- Skin eliminates its moisture. Skin breaks out, and rough skin is another sign of dehydration.
  • Dizziness- Dehydration leads to the feeling of dizziness and confusion. A person feels the inability to do work efficiently and often feels low energy levels.
  • Reduction in urine output- The excess fluid loss may cause a reduction in urine output. The urine contents concentrate, leading to kidney abnormalities if not treated.
  • No tears- Dehydration may lead to fewer tears or no tears at all.
  • Bad breath- Dehydration may reduce the elimination of microbes, which causes foul odour in the mouth.
  • Sunken eyes- It’s another essential sign of dehydration.
  • Weakness- When our body is more petite in fluids, it feels tired and weak as many electrolytes are lost with water.
  • Lightheadedness

Avoid over-burdening yourself

Some physical exercises or some overburdening workouts like weight loss regimens can lead to severe conditions like dehydration. These things can do a lot worse than being good for your health. The body gives sure signs which we need to understand, like muscle cramps during physical exercises.

Avoid artificial drinks

Avoid drinks with extra sugars and flavours such as soft drinks, juices, and sodas because they can have crucial impacts on your health, specifically teeth and hydration levels. Furthermore, try adding natural drinks to your diet to avoid dehydration and body getting a shot of fluids.

Rehydration therapies

Rehydration therapies are beneficial in case you feel the excess loss of fluids in your body. It contains ingredients like salt, sugar, and other nutrients that help maintain your body’s electrolyte and fluid balance. The markets have many brands of oral rehydration drinks but try reading labels before choosing any.

Maintain a proper diet

Food helps maintain proper hydration levels and maintain regularities. Therefore, do not skip meals to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration. Add foods and fruits which are high in water content to replace the lost fluids in the body.

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