Our body is 80% water. Water is a basic need for living healthy. All essential biochemical processes that happen inside our body needs water. Water is a vital component that our body needs for every step, process, and procedure that goes on inside our body. For the proper functioning and development of the body, we require water. Our brain, blood, cells comprise of water helps as a major element. The demand for water by the body varies accordingly.

A normal individual requires about 2-2.5 liters of water a day to stay hydrated. In some special cases like that of a sportsman who indulges in heavy workout requires about 3 liters of water in a day. The water needs also vary as per the weather or climate conditions. Summer’s season is more risky, as people frequently suffer from heatstroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion. All these conditions need drinking water as their foremost and first therapy for living healthy.

Maintains moisture

Water satisfies our thirst. It’s not the only role, we need water for. Moreover, water helps in maintaining the moisture to avoid dry skin, eyes. Also, it manages the levels of moisture in cells and tissues as well. Lubrication is also an essential role of water that serves the joints.

Helps in detoxification

Water helps in the removal of wastes out of the body through natural processes like sweating, urination, and defecation. It helps in proper digestion and maintains the gastric emptying. It allows the easy passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract.

Promotes the transportation of nutrients

A major proportion of blood constitutes water. Water helps in dissolving the all essential minerals and nutrients in it and transport them throughout the body. These nutrients are of prime importance to the body for maintaining proper body functions and living healthy.

Enhances the metabolism process

Water promotes the proper metabolism of the food we intake. Water helps in chemical processing and breakdown of the lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. all that we get from the food we eat. Therefore, water maintains the proper chemical processes inside the body.

Manages the body temperature

Water helps in adjusting body temperature. When the temperature outside is quite high and the body temperature is comparatively low, the water plays its role. It releases the body heat by sweat and provides a cooling effect on the body. Therefore, hydration is a critical step for summers.

Promotes digestion

Water helps in promoting digestion. Water is a necessity for digesting the fibers present in food. It comprises the saliva which is the initiator of digestion. Digestion depends upon the presence of various enzymes that are available throughout the gastrointestinal tract, starting from saliva in the mouth. Indeed, the saliva comprises mainly water. Therefore, water helps in digestion and forms an easy passage for the stool to pass out.

Enhances cellular functions

Drinking water is a crucial step to maintain cellular functions. Water can have cell reinforcement impacts on the body. It carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells of our body. Therefore, we need it for cells to function efficiently and living healthy.

Promotes hydration

Water promotes the hydration of the body. It maintains the elasticity and prevents skin breakouts. It is also helpful in preventing headaches occurring due to dehydration.

Water- The vital component

Water is a vital and foremost important component of our body cells. When we drink water it reaches the stomach from where it passes down to the small intestine. In the small intestine, its absorption occurs and the left amount passes to the colon for better passage of waste out of the body. It passes through the intestinal membrane and enters the bloodstream. With blood, it carries along all the essential minerals, nutrients to tissues and every cell which forms the basis of a very organ of the body. The essential nutrients reach the cells and the unwanted wastes remove out and eliminate the body through the urine. Therefore, in this way the water plays an essential role in regulating the proper functioning of the body and living healthy.

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