Know Everything about Drinking a Gallon of Water

Know Everything about Drinking a Gallon of Water


Teens nowadays are going gaga over the hydration trend, and just like any trend, we would not advise you to go with it without any prior, well-researched information in mind. So, we are still left with too many questions to ponder upon. 

How much water should I drink in a day?

 How frequently do I need to take a swig or two? How should I be constant in my hydration regime and every day? The list goes on, and be assured that we hear you. The saying may constantly be bombarding you with the message that you should drink a gallon of water a day, but we would say you stop for a moment to reflect before you start on that water journey down the lane.

To put it in perspective, drinking a gallon of water is neither required nor inessential. How much water your body requires is directly proportional to the amount of work you put your body into use. It is as straightforward as that, but some intrinsic factors still determine what quantity a particular body needs to function correctly. Because everybody is different, and indeed so are their requirements. So, before you jump to conclusions on how much your daily water intake should be, first & foremost, you should always keep that in mind. 

How to guess what your daily water requirement is?

 It’s simple, notice the color of your pee if it’s a transparent light lemon, nothing to worry about. But, indeed, there are other causes for it turning a little darker sometimes. If it lasts for more than a couple of days, you need to visit a doctor or simply up your water intake. 

The average human body requirement is 64 ounces, so stick to that before you take up a gallon water challenge, which can be life-threatening if it’s done abruptly. Drink your water slowly, in intervals. Increase the amount as your body adapts. You can also follow some practical strategies to aim for the best, like buying a hydration bottle to be always present within your point of vision. Or, instead, drink before every meal or maybe put some technology to use, which has several features these days to remind you every time you miss your gulp. We would say, go with whatever works for you.

It is also okay to like it bubbly until or unless whatever is mixed into it is within the limit of 5 calories or less. And, of course, extra care should be taken for patients with congestive heart failure and kidney diseases. 

Our body is 60% water, so it is essential to maintain balance. Water hydrates the padding between the joints. It helps the cells to function correctly, which in turn helps to maintain the health of organs. It also helps in digestion and boosts energy. You sweat, and the toxins are out; this miracle cannot happen without water. Otherwise, your skin turns oily, and acne soon starts haunting you. 

So, the answer is short and sweet, drink when your body asks you for it. And you know what, sometimes those false hunger pangs when you have already eaten enough are there to remind you that you need to have a glass of water. Listen to your body, and with proper care and some minor advice, you will be outstanding. 


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