What is the Best Water to Drink for Health? Your Ultimate Guide

What is the Best Water to Drink for Health? Your Ultimate Guide

The new thing to learn is what type of water is the best? 

There are several types of water one can consume. However, they have different nutritional values, and one must consume only the best among them. If you are clueless about the types and the worthiest option, this post will illuminate this crucial topic. 

First, it is essential to acknowledge that there are different types of water. The water you consume from an office pantry, a local shop, a home water filter, or a branded bottled product might taste different. The reason behind such varied tastes is the presence of nutrients in them.

Thus, knowing about the best water to drink for health becomes significant.

Here are the commonly available and talked water types along with their properties.

Tap Water This has to be on the top of the list because it is probably the most heard type. We all get the water directly from the taps of homes, offices, factories, parks, and other public places. Usually, this water is made available by the Municipal Corporation or other regulatory authority of the locality after filtration. The primary concern of this filtration process is to remove toxic substances like pesticides, pathogens, nitrates, metals, etc. Thus, it is considered safe for human consumption for not having harmful elements.

But, it might not be the healthiest drinking water as the disinfection procedure eliminates toxins and essential nutrients. It may even taste chemical-like because of chlorine used in the filtration process.

  • Distilled Water

It is the type of water that goes through boiling and vaporization processes. Here, the typical water is boiled to the extent where it turns into vapors. This process has to involve a very high point of boiling. Such steam is then condensed into liquid form for consumption as drinking water. Meanwhile, any heavy and unwanted substances stay behind in the primary container. So, one may consider distilled water as a safe option for being free from impurities, chemicals, and other harmful substances. 

However, as with tap water, even the distilled water might lack the required minerals, and the boiling and vaporization process may destroy healthy nutrients also. Therefore, distilled water is a clean but not healthy substitute.

  • Mineral Water

This type of water has certain dissolved solids that are fabulous for consumers’ health. These solids are magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, sulfate, bicarbonate, etc., that are known to deliver umpteen health benefits. They improve digestion, blood circulation, the nervous system, and many other good things. One should always prefer drinking mineral water to avail of all the essential nutrients. 

It is the best water for health as it is devoid of harmful substances and has an abundance of healthy nutrients. So, I prefer mineral water over other options for several health benefits.


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