You are Harming your Skin by not using Mineral Water for your Face!

You are Harming your Skin by not using Mineral Water for your Face!

Washing the face every morning is a daily ritual for most people. Some people also use various products to clean their skin, unclog the pores, and soften the skin. However, what if the tap water that most people use is harmful to the skin? Tap water is bad for the skin, especially the face. Some people have shifted to using mineral water for the face and have noticed a relief in conditions like acne. But why is it so? 

How does tap water affect the skin of your face? 

It is a well-known fact that the skin of the face is more delicate than that of the rest of the body, and it is why products for the face and the body are different. Also, tap water is hard, i.e., it contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, etc. These make skin, scalp, and hair dry and parched due to dryness. Products like face cleaners or makeup removers have mineral water for the face that makes all the difference. 

One point to note is that the hardness of the tap water depends on the quality of water in the city. Pollution levels and industrial standards also affect the quality of table water in an area that determines the hardness of water that people get from the taps in that area. One can’t control these issues and look for products that protect the skin. 

Damages caused by tap water 

  1. Damage to tissue 

Tap water has heavy metals that can bring about oxidative reactions liberating free radicals that break down collagen and elastic tissues of the skin. The skin of the face, being more delicate, is impacted the worse. 

Ageing Prolonged exposure to hard water can lead to surface dryness and problems like acne, and it also causes irritation, breakouts, and dryness. All these make ageing an even rapid process as the wrinkle forming process goes faster. So, using mineral water for acne can help provide some relief to the sensitive face skin. 

  1. Skin conditions 

If someone has any skin condition, these can worsen because of the metals like calcium in the tap water. In some other people, these metals can cause skin conditions like psoriasis, severe acne, dry skin with cracks, etc. 

How to combat the damage? 

One of the best ways to combat the damages done by tap water is mineral water for acne and other skin conditions. It contains silicon dioxide that nourishes the skin and makes it youthful. The electrolytes in the mineral water also help keep the delicate skin of the face hydrated. Not just the face, the entire body’s skin can be hydrated by just switching to mineral water. 

Mineral water is an excellent thing to dry out when dealing with skin problems. It also gives glowing skin because of the hydration and moisture. It also helps to retard ageing a little and lighten the complexion. So, switching to mineral water to wash the face can do wonders! 

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