Pregnancy is a privilege that comes with a great set of responsibilities. As a mother, you need to be very careful and sure about hydration and water intake. Drinking more water is highly necessary for you and your baby during pregnancy. It beholds many benefits for a pregnant mother and her child.

Benefits of drinking more water during pregnancy

Nutrient supply

The mineral contents in water are more readily absorbable than nutrients present in food and are available to our bodies. A pregnant woman needs more nutrients than others, and therefore, drinking water in optimum quantity can help the pregnant woman maintain proper nutrient balance in her body.

Avoid chances of dehydration.

Dehydration is a problematic situation, especially for pregnant ladies, as the condition leads to problems with blood pressure, heart, headaches and kidney problems. Most noteworthy, during summers, it’s crucial to maintain your water intake records. The pregnant woman must keep a bottle with her wherever she goes.

Swelling issue

During pregnancy, swelling of the hands, and a foot is a common phenomenon. But drinking more water can help you fight the situation. More water intake leads to more removal of sodium from the body, which is the prime factor responsible for oedema. Generally, it’s a misconception that more water means more swelling, but it’s not true. Less water means more retention of sodium which leads to more swelling issues.

Excess weight gain

A pregnant woman needs more nutrients and food than a non-pregnant woman. During pregnancy, the woman eats more than her regular diet. So, more eating may be associated with more weight gain. Therefore, drinking more water can help you avoid overeating as hydration can decrease your unnecessary craving for food. Finally, weight management can occur by keeping up your hydration.

Prevent constipation

While pregnant woman experiences many hardships and problems, it’s a good feeling to be a mother but with many irritable experiences. At this moment, constipation is one of these. Drinking a good amount of water can help her prevent this situation. In addition to the situation, the iron supplements necessary for pregnant women exaggerate the constipation issue.

Excessive heat

During pregnancy, the body temperature elevates more than the average body temperature leading to excessive heating. This situation can cause irritability and agitation in pregnant mothers. Therefore to avoid the condition, more water intake may prove to be beneficial. More water consumption can help you in cooling down the body temperature of pregnant women.

Eliminate the chances of urinary tract infections.

Pregnant women are more prone to urinary tract infections, and drinking more water can help combat this situation. There more water can help in maintaining health and hygiene during pregnancy.

Avoid premature labour

Drinking more water proved most helpful during the last trimester as dehydration can lead to specific contractions, resulting in premature labour and difficulty for the mother and the child. Therefore, proper hydration is vital for pregnant women.

Extra benefits

Along with health benefits, it also helps to eliminate or serves as a relief for specific issues like morning sickness, acid reflux, chances of improper digestion or heartburn like conditions that often occur during pregnancy. It keeps the body cool and is a compulsory beverage for the summer seasons.

Dehydration at the time of pregnancy may lead to important events like indigestion, premature labour, constipation, infections and many more. Therefore, staying hydrated is a must for pregnant women. Drinking more water can help you in maintaining body temperature and healthy conditions for pregnant women. So, pregnancy creates a critical need for drinking more water.

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