Pregnancy is the most sensitive and high priority phase in a woman’s life. When a lady is pregnant, she needs to be very careful about many minor and major details, including her diet plan for her exercise routine. Eating and drinking habits have a profound impact on the developing fetus. The fluid needs of a pregnant woman are generally higher as her growing baby needs a rich amount of fluids for proper growth and a comfortable environment in the mother’s womb. It’s essential to keep concerned about what a pregnant mother drinks as it will directly affect the development and growth of her baby.

Beverages to include for a pregnant woman


Water is essential for everyone, whether a pregnant woman or a non-pregnant one. Hydration is a crucial parameter for every individual, and a pregnant woman needs more water to meet the requirement of a baby and mother simultaneously. Fluid intake is Important for keeping your growing fetus healthy.

Orange juice

Orange is a citrus fruit rich in calcium and vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a vital role in iron absorption in our body. The presence of calcium can be an extra benefit for the bones of a baby. In addition, the presence of folate is helpful for proper neurological working and the development of a growing fetus. Therefore, orange juice is suitable during pregnancy.


The dietary requirements of a pregnant mother are higher than an average individual, and therefore, milk is a beneficial drink during pregnancy. Milk is rich in calcium, an essential requirement for developing bones and teeth of growing fetuses. Vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates are additional supplements present in milk, making milk a good source of rich supplements.

Coconut water

Coconut water is another option for staying hydrated. Along with the taste, its management of salts in the body is a good sign for considering its benefits for a pregnant lady. The isotonic nature of coconut water makes it a healthy drink for a growing fetus.


Lemon is a fruit with tremendous health benefits, but it also serves as the best medicine for a pregnant woman who suffers morning sickness. Lemonade is a good option for the lady’s health and her fetus. In addition, it supplies vitamin C to your body, making it a beverage of choice during pregnancy.

Vegetable juice

Vegetables are a prime need for a pregnant lady and a growing baby. But very often, we feel reluctant to have them. So, consuming vegetable juice can be an easy solution for adding vegetables to the diet.

Fruit juice after pasteurization

Fresh fruit juice is healthy for pregnant women, but bacteria outside can get into it while squeezing. So, pasteurized fruit juice serves as a rich source of nutritional content, and it will be a very fruitful option during pregnancy.

Beverages to avoid when you are pregnant


A pregnant woman needs to be careful regarding her dietary intake, and alcohol consumption is a big no for a pregnant lady. Drinking alcohol increases the chances of stillbirth and miscarriage for a pregnant woman. Along with this, it has severe negative impacts on the baby’s development. Try avoiding alcohol during these precious nine months.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are a source of caffeine, and during pregnancy, it’s advisable to limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine passes through the placenta and reaches your fetus quickly, and therefore, it can restrict the growth and development of a growing baby. Finally, avoid an excess of these drinks during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized juices

This statement cannot be challenged. Fresh juices are good for your health. But, the bacteria’s presence outside may enter the juice during the squeezing process. Therefore, this harms the health of pregnant women and babies. So, avoid intake during pregnancy.

Energy drinks

All these energy drinks are rich in sugar, caffeine and artificial colours. These artificial additions have harmful effects on health, and high sugar intake can be harmful to pregnant ladies. Therefore, these energy drinks should be restricted during pregnancy.

Unfiltered tap water

Tap water reaches our kitchens through lead conveying pipes. The condition of pipes may be objectionable, and a high amount of lead may be present in tap water due to leaching for a long time. Therefore, the use of tap water is questionable during pregnancy.


Soda is rich in sugar and sometimes caffeine content as well. Several companies manufacture soda with added salts. Therefore, these carbonated drinks are not suitable for the pregnant woman’s health and growing fetus.

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