To avoid dehydration, regular water is enough, and you don’t need to put extra effort into buying coconut water. Although coconut water is rich in potassium and has some additional calories, it’s not the first and foremost remedy for dehydration. Natural mineral water can do better by adding mineral content and hydration, and coconut water are best for dehydration recovery.

Today people are well educated and intelligent, but they still believe in myths more than facts blindly. We need to be aware of these myths and take intelligent decisions. Let’s study some myths about hydration.

If you are feeling thirsty, it signifies that you are dehydrated already.

Dehydration is a term that explains the excess loss of fluids from our body, and our body is unable to manage the replacement of these lost fluids. We eliminate water from the body through sweat, urine, tears, and breathing. Our kidneys are responsible for managing the electrolyte balance in the body. When they sense the requirement for water, kidneys send signals to the brain. Therefore, thirst is the message of kidneys for water requirements. The body is not necessarily lacking hydration.

Eight glasses of water every day is a necessary condition.

Drinking enough water is essential, but it may be dangerous for those with kidney and heart disorders. Too much water can cause some severe issues like congestive heart failure. Eight glasses of water are not the exact quantity for everyone. Our needs differ from person to person, depending upon our lifestyle and health conditions. Those who sweat more need large amounts to replace the loss. These eight glasses are too much for some and too small for others.

It would help if you had plenty of water, and overhydration won’t occur.

Too much of everything can have negative impacts on our bodies. The same goes for water, and drinking too much can cause overhydration resulting in hyponatremia. A decrease in sodium levels can affect your system by creating confusion and convulsions, and this situation may turn out to be fatal.

All you need is regular water.

The statement is not valid for today’s condition. Regular tap water is deprived of all essential nutrients, and the addition of these nutrients is necessary for proper functioning. Therefore, you can go for natural mineral water to place these electrolytes back in the body to maintain balance.

Electrolyte drinks are the best solutions.

Electrolytes containing sports drinks that are best for hydration is a statement you need to be aware of. Before making these drinks of choice, we need to learn that the sugar content present is not suitable for health. Fructose is one of the present components, which closely relates to high blood glucose levels in the body.

Morning Tea/ Coffee causes dehydration.

Tea/ coffee is the cause of dehydration, and this statement is not valid. High amounts of caffeine can be harmful to our health but morning tea or coffee is not that disastrous. Excess intake of these may lead to some effects, but dehydration is a big claim for any such condition.

Drink extra water only when doing physical workouts.

Only drinking tea and coffee cannot be the only solution. We need some extra nutrition for our bodies, and you need to take natural mineral water to fulfil your nutritional demands. This is not true for only sportsperson but every person for a fit and healthy body.

The colour of urine is the indication of dehydration only.

High proteins and vitamins make alter the colour of urine. Therefore it’s not only the lack of hydration that makes your urine appear dark in colour.

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