Natural Mineral Water Vs Tap Water – Which One is Better?

Natural Mineral Water Vs Tap Water – Which One is Better?

Can you think of the world without water? Can you imagine the distress it would be if all the water present on the earth was ended? You must know that all the water present on the earth is not suitable for drinking. Out of 75 percent, only 1 percent is available for consumption. 

There are many more classifications to these sources. Some waters can be consumed directly, whereas some are treated and passed forward to make them suitable for consumption. So today, in this article, we will discuss and find out which one is better. Whether the natural mineral water is better or the regular tap water is better. The comparison will be based on a few factors, so there is no solid answer to this question as it has ups and downs.

What are the sources of natural mineral water?

Natural mineral water available for consumption can be obtained from multiple sources. Those are springs, rivers, ponds, etc. Even the tap water that you get is diverted from these sources, but additional treatments are performed on it. drinking clean and healthy water can help you to stay healthy and fit. 

An interesting fact to share is that you can get a different taste of water depending upon the place from where you are drinking it. Let us see why you get such taste differences. 

Taste differences in the water in different places.

The main reason behind the taste difference that you get is the dissolved salts and minerals in the water. The water flows through many streams and valleys. So, as it moves, there could be the dissolution of additional salts in the water. As well as the addition of the extracts when it flows through the roots of medicinal plants. 

Another reason that you can assign for this phenomenon is the alkalinity of water. This you can identify depending on the thickness of the water. 

So how are the differences arise between tap water and natural water?

The water tap available at your house delivers the water that is treated using chemicals as well as physical methods like filtration, sedimentation, etc. And the chemical treatment is done using chlorine. Certain minerals are already present in the water. But due to the treatment with other chemicals, some of them may get precipitate. 

If you consider the natural mineral water, all the minerals and nutrients are intact in the water. They do not get precipitated out as they are not treated. Moreover, there are additional medicinal plant extracts present in the water due to the exposure of water to the roots of the plant. 

But the benefit of water tap is that, to some extent, the impurities, as well as harmful microorganisms, are killed during the treatment. Hence there is no problem caused to the health of the person. So both the things have their advantages and disadvantages, which makes them equally important to all the living beings in the world. 

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