Lemon juice is an excellent hydration medium that is a choice drink for many people around the globe. It’s a rich source of vitamin C and has good antioxidant properties, and it helps in detoxifying the body. Furthermore, it can be a good solution for weight management.

Hydrating drinks

Our two-thirds of the body is made up of water. Water is the essence of life, and therefore, keeping up with hydration is necessary. If you are not consuming enough water, there are chances that you will experience dehydration. Dehydration is a root cause of many complex issues, from minor headaches to extreme weakness and sometimes fatal. For a day full of energy and a refreshing experience, drinking water is a compulsory requirement—several healthy choices of hydrating drinks.

Coconut water

It’s a hydrating drink that is free from calories and fats. Also, it is rich in potassium and low in sodium content. It’s a natural isotonic beverage that is highly energizing in nature. Moreover, it has some health benefits like antibacterial properties also.

Cucumber juice

Vegetable juices are good for health, in fact, more effective than fruit juices as they do not contain natural sugars. Cucumber contains about ninety percent of water, making it more beneficial for hydration purposes. At this moment, it can prove to be one best hydrating drinks.

Other vegetable juices can also be hydrating juice with health benefits. Such as, beetroot juice acts as a drink with the natural property of purifying the blood.


Milk is a big no for your children. Generally, kids are more reluctant to have it. But, we need to understand that its hydration properties make it worthy for us. It contains proteins, little sodium content and high-quality carbohydrates. All these contents make it retain fluids back in the body and help keep up with hydration. Most noteworthy, as several research studies explain the antioxidant potential of milk, it can be beneficial for your health to have these glutathione antioxidants.

Another equally beneficial alternative is buttermilk, and it has the property of lowering blood cholesterol and proves helpful in combating digestive problems.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea is a good remedy for extra calories due to the rich antioxidant content present in herbs. It’s a great hydrating drink, and it’s pure, natural and free of caffeine. Therefore, it proves to be an excellent hydrating drink that helps relax from stress conditions and refreshes your mind and body. Drinking herbal tea has a smoothening effect on nerves as well.

Tea and coffee

The stimulating effects of tea and coffee make their drinks of choice for people. Caffeine’s central nervous system stimulation can lead to dependence, but tea/coffee has low caffeine quantities. Caffeine can positively impact the body and mind at a low dose, such as attentiveness. It enhances circulation, and flavonoid content reduces the possibility of rising diseases.

Water infused with fruits.

The infusion of fruits in water serves as an excellent hydrating drink. It promotes the hydration level of fruits, and it has additional benefits of diluting the natural sugar content present in fruits and providing more health benefits.

Orange juice is an excellent option for hydrating drinks, which serves as a source of vitamin C and is rich in concern with antioxidant potentials.

All the above mention are healthy choices for hydration. All these alternatives make the hydration task easy and full of flavours. Keeping up with hydration is a necessary task that needs proper concern. Drinking water is of utmost importance, and therefore replacing water is not what we need to do. Adding more options is the only aim we are working on. Drink more and more water and stay hydrated.

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