Live healthy naturally-regulate blood sugar level

Live healthy naturally-regulate blood sugar level

In the present scenario, elevated blood sugar levels are one of the most life-threatening conditions for humanity. Every one in four people has diabetes. Diabetes is a situation characterized by abnormal blood glucose levels. However, many medications are available in markets to handle the situation, adverse events arising from this consumption lead to needing a better alternative. Let’s discuss some tips that can help regulate blood glucose levels and help to live healthy naturally.

Live healthily naturally

Exercise regularly to live healthily naturally

Regular Exercise helps improve insulin sensitivity. Enhancement in insulin sensitivity means the cells are quickly using the sugars available in the blood circulation. Exercise can help in losing weight. Especially, small initiatives are required instead of going for costly machinery. Use stairs, go for a morning walk and try walking instead of parking at doorsteps and many more.

 Drink water

Drinking water is a critical factor for good health and helps you live healthy naturally. Drinking enough water may help you with your raised blood sugar levels and keep it within healthy limits. In addition to preventing dehydration, water helps your kidneys flush out the excess blood sugar through urine. Avoid intake of diet sodas regularly.

Get enough sleep

Proper sleep is required for the normal functioning of the body. A single sleepless night makes your body react in a confused manner. Sleepless nights can lead to increased blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. It can lead to increased appetite and promote weight gain. Therefore, quality sleep is necessary to release growth hormone and regulate cortisol levels, managing blood glucose control.

Add good fats to your diet.

Try increasing the intake of good fat in your body to satisfy your hunger. Healthy fats such as omega-three fats are good examples because they are a healthy energy source that replaces sugars.

Switch to more fibres

A high fibre diet is beneficial to improve and manage the diabetic condition by lowering the blood glucose level. Fibre’s rich diet slows down sugar absorption. Henceforth, soluble fibres are suitable substitutes for carbohydrates.

Eliminate carbohydrates

You are adding carbohydrates to your diet increases the load on your body. Carbohydrates break down and add to the sugar content of your body. Therefore, people with diabetes should have low carbohydrate foods to avoid problems with insulin functions. Flour, potato, rice, and sugar all these foods should be strictly managed in your diet. If you feel hungry, eat some protein or healthy fat, which can help stabilize blood glucose levels.

Maintain your mineral depots

High blood glucose levels are also linked with nutrient deficiencies. Magnesium deficiency leads to a higher risk of developing diabetes. Minerals support our body’s ability to use insulin.

Try herbs in your diet.

Herbs and spices are alternatives that can lower your blood glucose levels naturally. They increase your body’s ability to utilize insulin, keep your blood sugar at a stable state, and help you live healthy naturally.

Try losing weight

It’sIt’s not hard to guess that losing weight has a positive impact on your body. It keeps your blood glucose levels within the limit and helps to reduce the developing risks of diabetes. Having a high contribution of weight on your waistline may be an indication of diabetes development. Moreover, obesity leads to insulin sensitivity in your body which needs an instant step in its management.

Quit smoking

Smoking extravagant the chances of various disorders in our body. Nicotine in cigarettes elevates insulin resistance. In addition to high blood glucose levels, it increases the chances of heart diseases, kidney issues, etc. So, it’s essential, rather mandatory, to quit smoking.

Stay relaxed

Stress can increase blood sugar levels. When stressed, your body prepares to “fight or flight”, signalling the liver and muscles to release glucagon and cortisone. These hormones cause the release of stored blood sugar hence, elevated levels. Another point to consider is, doughnuts don’t let your work stress follow to your home. In conclusion, try to meditate, do yoga, listen to music. All these can prove to be a remedy for managing stress conditions.

Indeed, the above tips are a gateway for a human to maintain blood glucose levels and live healthy naturally.

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