Water comprises two elements that are hydrogen and oxygen. But to our surprise, this small molecule can take many forms. Our health is hidden in the quality and purity of the form of water which we consume daily. All these sources and forms like tap water, spring water, still water or sparkling water have variable effects on our health. Along with the purity, nature, and water source, another critical factor is its processing. In the case of sparkling water, a third element is present is carbon dioxide. The presence of carbon dioxide flips the property of sparkling water from that of natural mineral water.

Sparkling water, or carbonated water, is a form of water that originates from the dissolution of carbon dioxide into water under pressure. Adding carbon dioxide makes the water bubbly and provides this sparkling water with a slightly saltier taste. Other popular names for this sparkling water are soda water or seltzer. The sale of sparkling water is flooding the markets in the form of soda bottles. In some cases, it can run through special taps also.

Regular water is the natural water present at various natural sources present. Bottled regular water is safe and does not pose any problems or contraindications. It’s pure and, at this moment, safe for consumption. It’s not only suitable for consumption, but it also has additional health benefits, which makes this water’s applicability more worthy. Natural mineral water contains rich mineral contents, which are the markers for health benefits. The presence of these minerals in regular water also helps in providing a distinctive taste to water and healing properties. Also, they are sold in bottles in markets.

 Regular water or sparkling water?

Drinking water is a healthy habit, but the nature and water sources you consume are less critical. In basic terms, the bubbles rising in the soda bottles are a distinctive point between these two water forms. But, these visual differences are less significant than the primary difference: the health problems arising from the use and consumption of sparkling water. Sparkling water can affect your health significantly, which is not an issue with regular drinking water.

Sparkling water has adverse health effects.

  • Sparkling water can act as a destructive measure for your health.
  • It can exaggerate the ill effects on bones by diminishing the calcium content of bones and decreasing bone density. This effect will ultimately lead to bone disorders like osteoporosis and osteomalacia.
  • As it degrades the calcium levels, it also associates with the destruction of the enamel of teeth by emptying our calcium depot in the body.
  • Moreover, sparkling water in their routine is a big no for people with digestive problems. It can enhance the release of gastric acid and have other impacts on the eroded gastric mucus layer. Therefore, increase the damage due to gastric acid on the stomach’s inner lining.
  • It’s also a contraindication for people suffering from urinary tract infections and related issues.
  • The situation is even worse for the sparkling waters, added with extra flavours. Some of these are rich sources of sodium, artificial colours, sweeteners, and other harmful additives. These additives on consumption add extra calories and sodium to the consumer’s body. At this moment, responsible for gaining weight with time.
  • It can have a pH between 3 to 5, making it acidic. Mineral water has alkaline pH, which is doubtlessly beneficial for our system.

Sparkling water with time can prove to be a disaster for your health. You are minimizing the consumption of sparkling water, and making mineral water the water of choice will be an intelligent decision. Natural mineral water has many benefits over the negative impacts of sparkling water. Therefore, avoid using it much and start using JAL- Natural mineral water.

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